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Small successes in Haiti four years after the earthquake

Friday, 10 January 2014

Haiti ECHO

Four years of the earthquake in Haiti, a country where the incidence of hurricanes or tropical storms is devastating met. A place where they spend six months on alert because of these natural phenomena. When they arrive, their path and destroy the Haitians back to square one.

To avoid this, our work in Haiti seeks to incorporate the resilience of communities. Ie, strengthening capacity to reduce the impact of hurricanes and allow the population to recover from the blow to the shortest possible time.

Knowing that this will not always get the job and should continue to improve and evolve here we present some of the results achieved in the last two years which have contributed to improving the lives of people in the Southeast Department.

  • Has reduced soil erosion basins Mapou and Pedernales in 45% and have built stone walls to proteger 12 km of these basins to prevent flooding and landslides next time you have storms.
  • 55.68 hectares have been reforested with 27,840 new plants and recovered 4,795 m3 of land for cultivation after the hurricane season.
  • 3,028 families have received seeds to restore agricultural production in the orchards and fields affected by Isaac. These seeds were allowed to grow at least 2,000 m2, improving food insecure families. This has allowed thousands of people have access to more food and income through improved production, consumption and marketing in the district of Belle Anse and Bainet.
  • 1,600 families have received animals (Poultry, goats, etc.) to reduce their vulnerability after the loss of their animals during tropical storms. In addition, 220 families especially vulnerable given special help.
  • Furthermore there have been awareness campaigns and training environmental conservation, crop improvement, management and coordination and social rights to more than 8,000 people.

This work is possible thanks to the support of Spanish citizenship and international cooperation through the European Commission, AECID, La Caixa.

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