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Because us decided - I find integeneracional ALLPA of experiences

Monday, 29 October 2018



On October 19th and 20th, in the city of Cochabamba, Alianza por la Solidaridad, National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women Originating in Bolivia "Bartolina Sisa", the Centre for the Promotion of Women Gregoria Apaza, Catholicfor the Right to Decide – Bolivia and CIES Salud Sexual y Reproductiva; carried out in Cochabamba the Intergenerational Encounter "Apthapi of Experiences, because we decided on us", under the Convention "Contributing to the Full Exercise of the Right to Sexual Health and Reproductive Health and to a life free from violence of women - young, adolescent and adult - in Bolivia" funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation Development (AECID)

With the aim of making a collective surrender among the actors involved in the Convention, from the individual and collective processes in empowerment, knowledge acquisition, enforceability and social control towards the authorities and servers/ and articulation in networks to combat violence, among others, a meeting was held that involved more than 90 people from different teenage leadership groups, young people and adult women, such as the community promoters of El Alto, Pucarani and Arque, women of the self-help group of El Alto and Quillacollo, Brigadiers of El Alto and the Red Tú Decides de Quillacollo and El Alto.

The event made it possible to highlight the changes people have experienced in their lives. Women who mentioned that they had never used their voice or demanded respect for their rights and their lives and that now, after a process of almost 4 years, they find themselves in different scenarios, with their own voice and position, exercising their right to a life free from violence and dial with authorities on the need to improve the quality of services. A general voice in the meeting was that trained people now have skills and skills to participate in public spaces and be part of advocacy and social mobilization actions that promote changes in their municipalities.


On the other hand, many adolescents and young people expressed the changes they have experienced and what they mean in their relationship with their family, with their peers and their entire environment that adultcentrism often denied them; especially in social and political participation actions. They showed that from art such as batucada, theatre and other disciplines they could also make an impact and vigilance to their rights.

Another interesting aspect of the event was to have the participation of representatives of the anti-violence networks of Cochabamba, El Alto, Pucarani and Arque, who shared their good experiences of work and articulation, allowing the women and young people who participated in the Apthapi of experiences, know the way networks work and from this seek higher levels of articulation in their work and daily activism.

Al finalizar el encuentro se pudo construir una agenda a futuro, encontrando estrategias y niveles de articulación entre mujeres adultas y jóvenes, priorizando la lucha por la defensa de los Derechos Sexuales, los Derechos Reproductivos y el Derecho a una Vida libre de Violencia. Si bien este evento se constituye en el cierre de una fase de trabajo de 4 años, sin duda ha marcado el inicio de nuevos retos y desafíos para los cuales mujeres, adolescentes y jóvenes se sienten motivados/as y dispuestos/as a enfrentarlos con fuerza y convicción. El trabajo de Alianza por la Solidaridad con mujeres y jóvenes en Bolivia desde el año 2015 ha sido cofinanciado, entre otros, por the legacy of Almudena Cavestany

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