Concerned about the rise of fundamentalism to the III Conference on population and development in Latin America and Caribbean

Tuesday, 7 August 2018
Rosa M Tristan


-Alliance for solidarity attends the Conference, being held in Peru between 7 and 9 August
-The problem of child motherhood persists in the region: each day, five girls aged between 9 and 13 years are mothers in Peru

Alliance for solidarity goes, between 7 August 9 at the 3rd Regional Conference on population and development in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Lima (Peru), a meeting which will be reviewed the progress in the implementation of the agreements adopted in 2013 known as consensus of Montevideo, on the sexual and reproductive rights, the rights of migrants and other progressive advances related to childhood, adolescence and youth, aging, social justice and equality.

This Conference aims to position the Latin American and Caribbean block with a view to the forthcoming Conference on population and development that, worldwide, will be held in April 2019 in New York. Alliance for solidarity, as well as other organizations of civil society, considers it essential to get consensus of Montevideo progressive move forward, despite the context of fundamentalisms and setbacks that are living both in the region and level world.

The agreement was signed by 38 countries in 2013 at the first regional Conference and includes numerous measures related to sexual and reproductive rights of women, who they involve the right to exercise freedom with responsibility, their sexuality and reproduction, without discrimination or coercion.

Elena Alfageme, representative of Alliance solidarity in Bolivia, which attend this Summit, recalls the importance of protecting and defending "rights to the freedom to decide over our bodies".

Bolivia is the second country in the region with more maternal mortality and, ebetween other reasons, is that women go to clandestine abortion services. In Peru, according to data from the Ministry of health in 2017, a total 58.582 children and adolescents became mothers, five a day between which had from 9 to 13 years. In general, countries with more progress between figure Chile (where increased the causes of legal abortion a year ago), Argentina (whose reform of the abortion law was passed in Congress and is pending in the Senate), Cuba or Brazil. Among those who least have advanced, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guyana and Jamaica, in relation to sexual and reproductive health rights. Are data of 'Look what you look at' platform, a platform that monitors the legislative situation in 23 countries and selected four areas of analysis: human rights and secularism, comprehensive education for sexuality, health and sexual and reproductive rights and accountability.

Face quote from this week, Alliance solidarity is worried kicks detected under the pressure of fundamentalist groups which prevent the design of public policies. These are groups which exert pressure and influence in the media and generate 'disinformation' on the citizenship of many countries on these issues. "As civil society we will take a position in favor rights women and defend proposals that improve public policies, budgets and dialogue and, course, to at least keep the Convention of Uruguay, which is the most advanced in the world This topic", says Elena Alfageme.

Alliance solidarity is essential for the States present in this Conference engage in clear and consistent way for rights in sexual and reproductive health, as well as in favour of the populations of migrants, indigenous, peasant, collective LGBTI, teenagers, etc., as well as to assume the role of guarantors of those rights.

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