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Food security rehabilitation post-Mathew 2017-2018 - South and Southeast Haiti

Monday, 9 July 2018
Ainhoa Rubiato


"All it holds the role". So said a friend of mine talking about utopian projects formulations that are sent regularly to the financiers of the international cooperation in Haiti. In few pages is assembled a new world; from the precarious situation of food security in Haiti until the environmental approach, cross-cutting issues of equity of gender, the concept of vulnerability, the characterization of the intended beneficiaries, through costs fuel, the capricious topography of the area of intervention, the aspirations of members of project, mitigating climate risks of political instability, the chances of disasters natural and supernatural, to finally arrive at boost even the fingertips to the sky of the realization of the General and specific objectives.

The paper said that Alliance for solidarity with the United Nations food and Agriculture (FAO) would contribute "to the rehabilitation and strengthening of the livelihoods of vulnerable farming households affected by the" Hurricane Mathew in order to restore South food security." He then said that "agricultural dwellings affected by the negative impact of the hurricane Mathew [would regain] their food and nutrition security through food assistance and the reactivation of their agricultural production, thus ensuring their resilience to future shocks". Finally said that "the coverage of the basic food needs of 3500 households in food insecure [would be] ensured", and that "the livelihoods of 8800 farm households affected by Hurricane Mathew [would be] rehabilitated and the" capacity to respond to shocks [would be] strengthened thanks to the implementation and replication of good agricultural practices and environmental resilient to climate changes".

Formulation stuns, the role it condenses. But the only role is the threshold of entry and output of a project and that does not count is the labyrinth extends between the two. The paper makes it us easy. What stuns Yes is losing the process; between Minotaurs which are heaps of surveys of baselines, islands of meetings with public authorities, schedules and lists of beneficiaries, databases, bags of maize and beans, seed trucks, batteries of seedlings of batata, clouds of community work) cash for work), rivers of follow-up surveys, seas of invoices and the distinctive ringtone of the Digicel phones background music.

A cooperation project is a dynamic, organic object, is a Rhizome that is pulling stems and roots horizontally and vertically at the same time, and that the paper comes to order and to introduce ourselves as something linear. The role it would bear all if it got us to transmit the amount of effort the teams to take forward the results expected from the project, planning and sleepless hours, heat, three steps forward which are transformed into four back and then ten forward by another way, changes and the corrections. The paper says the efforts of field technicians, the efforts of local authorities by facilitating the coordination, the patience of the beneficiaries. The paper does not count who is Jesula Dieudonné which appeared six times by mistake in earlier versions of the database, or how he was head of household and community work team leader, or how he received and planted seeds of short cycle in your garden , or the time taken to tell us which foods consumed his family, many times their children went to sleep hungry that month, how much it took to reach the site of the distribution, which not only has to pay for the food, but also water with the monetary help drinka e -school.

Still, after more than one year of execution, what remains may 2018 rehabilitation post-Mathew project that took place in the communes of shark, Les Anglais, Bainet and Côte-de-Fer in the departments of South and southeastern Haitian are papers; physical and virtual, sources of verification and reports in folders in the offices of Alliance by the solidarity of Jacmel. Out of those papers that may be sensitive to everything, are the gardens of the beneficiaries and fuller lunch dishes and different that a year ago.

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