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Impact of our work for global rights in 2013

Monday, 27 October 2014

The NGOs not only have to do our job. But spend much of our time to tell and excite people in the street, businesses or institutions that are effective to change the world and improve the lives of individuals mechanism.

Derechos Globales de las Mujeres, Alianza por la Solidaridad

So we have taken another year, our working memory. In these 47 pages condenses our intense year of work in over 24 countries that improved the lives of more than 200,000. People far from being victims, they have to fight alongside us to change situations that condemned them to poverty in Spain, as far away from each as Bolivia, the Philippines, Senegal and Palestine. And in many cases, have improved their nutrition, health, hygiene, knowledge and even their power to achieve their goals.

In some cases we have fought directly violence against womenpreparing many of them to defend their rights. We have also contributed to the change in legislation in different countries. In addition, we have reduced the days several months in which the population starved or developed microcredit programs to break the cycle of poverty. We have improved access to drinking water of the people, created irrigation, drainage and infrastructure or fought land grabbing. We remain a factor humanitarian relief amid unfair consequences caused by recurrent armed conflict, as in Palestine, Syria or Colombia, or natural disaster such as earthquake Haiti and typhoons in the Philippines.

Some impacts of year

  • 1,200 women leaders in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador have received training to continue to uphold the rights of women
  • 26,591 Palestinian refugees have been health care in the Middle East.
  • 4,000 people already have access to a service garbage collection in Algeria
  • In Gambia has recovered 215 hectares of arable land for rice of a total of 1,775 people benefit.
  • For the first time in the history of this country, 320 women from Guinea Bissau have achieved the title to their lands.
  • It is supplied with drinking water 1,500 people in 44 community Moroccos of El Salvador and now have access to quality water. In Guatemala 2500 people.
  • In Mozambique we support urban planning by latrine construction and cleanups.
  • They have provided seeds and organic fertilizers to 2,156 personasen Senegal that allows them to have more food for at least 8 weeks. Have been reforested 11 hectares and built 2,058 ecological cookers.
  • In Nicaragua we have allocated $ 95,000 to microcredit.
  • In Colombia have been built 306 homes for families displaced by conflicto. They have launched over 250 projects in various productive sectors (fisheries, agriculture, trade).
  • In Haiti 1,500 families have received seeds for food and income.
  • After the typhoon, 300 households have drinking water filters in the Philippines.
  • In Mauritania, we have constructed and rehabilitated eight schools. They have supported literacy and knowledge of their rights of people migrant route.
  • It has supported and strengthened the Algerian civil society through the formation of 30 associations and support networks between Algerian and Spanish organizations.
  • In Morocco have enabled detection cells violence against children in thirty schools.
  • In Spain we have worked to strengthen 7 African groups and awareness of Spanish society on the rights of migrants.

You can access the 2013 report here: Memory Alliance for Solidarity 2013

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