A clinic in Jordan to alleviate the pain of Syrian refugees

Thursday, 14 January 2016
Rosa M. Tristán @RosaTristan

Alianza por la Solidaridad works to support a health center in the city of Jordan Madaba, by offereing gynecologist and pyschologists for woman who escaped the war in the neighboring country


Fatima's eyes reddened with tears when she mentions the word "home." Hers blew up almost three years ago, in a raid on the Syrian city of Daraa, where she was born and where she had to flee with her family to survive a brutal war. It had already killed over 220,000 people.Fatima no longer dreamed of returning to her home, which was now in ruins.

Fatima, a 45 year old woman, has three very sick children and an abusive husband. She is one o fmany woman who comes to the clinic for help. This clinic opened eight months ago in Madaba, Jordan, with the help of Alianza por la Solidaridad and Institute for Family Health to allow IFH in this country, with funding from Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID).

"I heard about this clinic through my neighbours. I was not feeling very well! My husband had changed since we arrived, I could not go on like this. He had been a driver previously, yet he could not longer do that here. He would always hit me and scream at me that. He thinks I come here only for the gynecologist, yet I am here to gain strength and be independent." Here I feel good. Now I am much better”, says Raina, a 37 year old from Alepo

This is the place I come for psychological support, therapy, company, and the strength to dream again. ..

clinica madaba 2The refugies that come to this clinic are here to be healed, with the help of specialists they are able to regain the happiness that was lost in the ruins. There are also refugees who can not come to the clinic. Such as woman who left one day and never returned, or are sick, or have too many children for example. Therefore, the staff at the clinic are able to make home visits.Sometimes the only way to go about this is to know one´s environment, including using desperation at the door.

In these specific visits, the clinic allows for one bag of food: beans, sugar flour, etc. A ¨kit¨that gives them sustanance for a few days as they have no money of their own to support themselves or their children. ¨Here we live on international aid. We can not work here and we can not return to Syria.¨ ¨What are we going to do? Tell your country that we need help. Please¨says a woman of one of these families.

In Jordan, officals claim that 650,000 have been taken by war, but this clinic knows that it far exceeds one millionOut of everyone, 33% are victims on violence according to a recent study conducted by Alianza por la Solidaridad

Alianza and IFH hope to maintain this center and keep it open in the future. Hopefully, there will continue to be Spanish support for the 7,000 refugies in Madaba.

Fuente: Planeta Futuro / El País

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