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Solidarity holidays, another form of corporate volunteering

Saturday, 3 March 2012

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Participating in a sustainable tourism project in Ecuador, support the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake, workshops with children in Nicaragua or support women's projects in Bolivia are our picks for different holidays.

Alliance for Solidarity has opened within Solidarity Holidays for Business. This initiative is intended to Spanish companies to workers involved in projects to combat poverty and human rights in Latin America and Africa.

Solidarity Holidays is an opportunity to see first hand a project of development cooperation, the work of a Spanish NGO and local NGOs, but mostly it's a chance to meet, work and exchange with communities of southern countries that are working on building their own development


  • In Haiti - Jacmel, in conjunction with the Regional Coordinator of Southeast Organizations - CROSE

Ongoing activities include:

– apoyo a la estrategia de comunicación.

– actividades de reforestación.

– Apoyo técnico a la Lechería o central de compras

– Formación a jóvenes y adolescentes – cursos de verano (a preparar).

  • In NicaraguaIn Managua in Downtown Promotion of Youth and Children Two Generations and Home Zacarias Guerra.

In Managua social and educational activities for women and girls, fun workshops and training were made.

  • At Ecuador - Area of ​​the Amazon rainforest, in conjunction with the Solidarity Network of Tourism of the Ribera del Rio Napo - REST.

This trip through the rivers of the Amazon will assess the draft Responsible Tourism: services provided by communities, infrastructure, transportation, time, etc..

  • At Bolivia- El Alto, in conjunction with the Center for the Advancement of Women "Apaza" Private Voluntary Medical Association Wiñay and The Confederation of Women Bartolina Sisa

Training, communication, issue of community radio programs, youth awareness on sexual and reproductive rights, and will support Childcare in nursery

  • At Senegal, Gambia y Guinea Bissau, in the natural region of Casamance -

Supporting technical activities of territorial formations women (summer courses), support collection and systematization of information.


Worker is a company that wants to benefit from the project Solidarity Holidays. To participate you must be over 18, be committed to the work of the organization

It must meet health requirements in each country (shots).

All costs must be covered by the company or the employee / a.

- The airline tickets must be purchased by each participant in the airline and route choice, but dates match the project.

– Los costes de alojamiento, comida y transporte interno deben ser cubiertos en el propio país y oscilan desde 750€ hasta cerca de 1.600€ en Senegal

– Los costes de seguro y administrativos se gestionaran desde Madrid.

The dates of the trip will be in July and August, except for the region of Casamance will be in September.

Para inscribirte como empresa en Vacaciones Solidarias 2014 contacta en el email:

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