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Now on sale are our Christmas cards solidarity!

Monday, 18 November 2013

01. Abrazo -  1500 ud

Christmas is coming and you can still make that gesture so endearing and almost forgotten to send a Christmas card. Why not do it in solidarity?

View our catalog and requests and your postcards to a Unbeatable price: From 0.40 cents each.


01. Abrazo -  1500 ud 02. Juntos -  3000 ud 03. Renos - 2500 ud. 04. Trineo -  1.000 ud 05.  Nieve -  1.100 ud
Model 01. Hug Model 02. Together Model 03. Renos Model 04.Trineo Model 05. Snow


06. Campanas - 2500 07. Copos - 1000 ud 08. Alimentacion -  1700 09. Ambiente - 1000 10. Árbol.  2.600 ud.
Model 06. Hoods Model 07. Flakes Model 08.Alimentación Model 09. Environment . Arbol Model 10


11. Fiesta 1. 5600 ud 19.  Fiesta 2 -  3.000 ud
. 1 Model 18 Party Model 19. Fiesta 2


Congratulatory value-added

By buying these Christmas cards you participate with Alliance for Solidarity in improving the living conditions of thousands of people in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Features: Paper Type. Creator Gala 300 gr

Size (folded). 11 x 15 cm 16 cm x 16 cm

Customize the inside of your cards with a message, logo, drawing, ink ... to 60 €. Request quote or to personalize the interior impressions on various inks.


  • 0, € 50 for orders less than 500 units
  • 0, € 45 for orders between 501 and 1,000 units
  • 040 € for orders of more than 1,000 units

Envelopes included

Tax and shipping not included

Orders and inquiries card

Send us an email to take care as you want. También puedes llamarnos al 91.5986290. ¡Podemos personalizarlas con el logo de tu empresa!

For more information on our work for a more just call us or see our website

Download the catalog here

Catalog Christmas cards

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