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VIOLATION with all the letters

Rosa M Tristan


I live installed on indignation since April 26 Thursday given to know the verdict of the herd. Some will say that "I saw coming", that delay to conduct the Court ruling - the trial was in November--heralded nothing good. But the agoreras didn't give credit. Once we see hundreds of thousands, and many hundreds of thousands in the streets of March 8, calling for equal work and personal treatment, demanding equal rights, for Justice, could not be in the case of a savage violation of five bands d (e) a young woman in 'shock', lying on the floor of a portal, would be the mirror of this patriarchal society, reflecting crude from a country in which fear has been installed on the streets because today we feel less protected than ever so faithfully.

Incredulous me, until Thursday, even thought there are limits that could not be transferred, there was no return of sheet to understand that a violation is not anything other than sexual intercourse not consented and, therefore, forced, abused, a crime of which leave much more footprint, in a lifetime, a Tweet or a song, a joke or a caricature of a man dressed in marciano.

Now it seems absurd to have to be writing the obvious. As surreal as the news that I read not long ago about the 'Protocol' which have developed groups of women to protect themselves in the celebrations of their peoples. Do anything I don't pay my taxes so that professionals take care of it? Not compost my income tax to finance a system that educate in equality? Not me discounted my payroll and my bills to enter the salaries of those who must ensure that who assaults not to do so? These are questions that are more from Thursday 26th in the air and I poisoned in an insane rage.

It is evident that are too many accumulated errors that there are in this sentence. Course education, because it is a reality that the right to equality, the history of feminism, or the relevance of women which - from science, politics, the arts or literature - did this better world, are not in the textbooks. Other laws, such as our ill-fated criminal code. Now the Government says that we have to change it because, suddenly, we have discovered that a violation is not such for our legal system, that is an abuse. And we have also discovered that for that code is one thing 'intimidation' and other is 'pre-validation', something like submission to the superiority of the aggressor. I put it textually the bug if someone has not yet read it:

“…We believe that the defendants formed on a voluntary basis a situation of preeminence over the complainant, objectively measurable, which gave them a privileged about it, taking advantage of superiority thus generated to sexually abuse of the complainant, who thus not provided consent freely but flawed, coerced or pressured by such a situation”.

Sure, many are now explained why the eight daily violations that exist in Spain just one, or none, we learned.

But there is more, because in addition to the failure of the law a judicial interpretation so perverse that it has more possible explanation that a void formation as regards what is sexual violence against a woman. They have no or a remote idea of what a woman feels da same age, when used without consent, in his full mental faculties, his body as a cube where his semen, a piece of meat that thumb, a face which filled with babas lend. Sorry for the harshness, but it is what it is.

So that, in my opinion, not only should change laws (to know how many raped will no longer report after this until you change, if it does) but, need to change judges, and are those who will have to give them intensive training - not worth an 'on line' course u NAS hours-what is gender-based violence, on what is forced sexual intercourse, formations that include interviews girls raped, raped teens, barely 18 raped women and which already passed 50 and are also violated, even by their own couples when 'they don't want'.

Add: asking for a judge, Ricardo González, the acquittal in a case such as this, should be an example of cause for the disqualification of a person to impart justice, because in other case is 'another error' to join this endless list of nonsense.

Some of the condemned continue to receive almost all their pay, from public coffers, is another unacceptable affront to the dignity of those who pay our taxes to go to another place; for example, the plan against domestic violence that the Government engaged in budgets this year just 80 million euros, when the commitment was 200.

Just two hours after i knew the sentence, Lina, an Ecuadorian who swept his pants down in my neighborhood, told me by hiding her gaze: "Look at you, this is the Justice in these matters here. I haven't believed in her since I asked for a restraining order from my husband because they beat me and they denied me, told me to calm down and go home."

For Lina, for the victim of the herd, for ourselves and for all the others, we cannot shut up until Justice is the same for all of us.

Until not a single judge denies that not consenting is rape.

With all the letters.


One Response to "Full-time violation"

  1. Maria Quiroga Picos says:

    The most serious is that these mindless continue to collect part of their salaries but that the sentence is have not offered that these two people can not return to exercise a public service job... they have to be disabled to be military or civil guard... they are an embarrassment to those bodies and a public danger

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