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Two years of struggle for the Elimination of violence against women in Peru and Bolivia


Alliance for Solidarity, together with the Manuela Ramos Movement (Peru) and the Centre for the Promotion of Women-Gregoria Apaza (Bolivia), and with the support of the City of Madrid, have worked with community leaders, staff of municipal governments in Independencia ( Peru) and El Alto (Bolivia), and with women and men in political positions in institutional policies to curb political violence and street harassment in both regions. This project, which has been carried out for two years, aimed to strengthen the responsiveness of public institutions and to achieve the active participation of civil society in the fight against violence against women.

In total, 157 adult leaders (92 in Independence and 65 in El Alto) and 177 adolescents (69 in Independence and 108 in El Alto; 106 women and 71 men) were trained in gender equality, citizenship, sustainable development and women's rights with an emphasis on right to live free from violence (DVLV). The trained people replicated the information and promotion activities of DVLV reaching 7,851 adults and adolescents (5,022 women and 2,829 men).


The leaders were trained in citizen surveillance and political advocacy. Citizen surveillance processes were developed to services of the attention route and actively participating in spaces of concertation and local decision, managing to incorporate 10 proposals to improve services of the route of attention to violence and in municipal regulations, both in El Alto and Independencia.

In addition, it helped to strengthen the state response capacity of public institutions and local governments for the implementation of local policies for gender equality, prevention and attention to violence against women. In total, 348 operators of the violence service route (judges, prosecutors, police personnel, health service operators, among others) were trained in the rules of violence against women and the application of protocols of care, achieving an increase in the satisfaction of users of the services supported and evaluated.

Likewise, with the aim of curbing violence and political harassment, women councillors from the municipality of El Alto and women authorities of the Commonwealth of Lima Norte were supported and strengthened for the mainstreaming of the approach to gender, human rights, interculturality and sustainable development in its municipal legislative work and the performance of its management. In addition, and aimed at raising awareness among the general public, communications were launched in both countries against harassment and political violence.

At Alliance for Solidarity, we continue to work to support the process of training and advancing community leaders, youth and women's authorities in political positions for the exercise of a life free of violence against women, together with partner institutions and local government actors that strengthen work with the population and public policies with civil society.


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