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What do we want to change?

Mauritania is one of the countries that belongs to the group of states with the worst Human Development index as it is 161 out of 187. The life expectancy is 61.51 years Mauritania, their mortality rate in the 8.71 ‰, and its per capita income is 959 € euros, which is far from the world average.

The residents of the suburbs of Mauritania, Nouakchott and Nouadiboa lack basic sanitation in their homes. Also the children have lmited access to education which limits future posibilities.

Also, Mauritania is a transit country as well for migrants in route to Europe. However, many times people will remain here permanantly in their wait to cross the Mediteranean. The people that remain have to cope with lack of legal and civil rights as well as the exclusion from the natives.

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How do we do it?

  • We promote the right to local development which includes social organizations such as las Comunas de Nouadhibou and Boulenoi.
  • We encourage the social participation of people to make their living quarters.
  • We facilitate access to credits to start small businesses.
  • We give assitance to those migrants that want to excercise their rights.
  • we sensitize on the rights of women.
  • We promote local sustainable rights.

Who do we work with?

Catholic Mission of Nouadhibou, Unión de cooperativas femeninas (UCOFEM), alcaldías de Nouadhibou, Nouakchott y Kaedi, Foro de las organizaciones nacionales de derechos humanos (FONADH) en las comunas de Nouadhibou y Boulenoir en la región de Dakhlet Nouadhibou.

We are largely funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID), Of the European Union and other orgnaizations such as el Ayuntamiento de Valladolid, y agencias internacionales.

Ongoing projects:

  • We create web pages for the civil society organizations ( Maison Civile).
  • Economic support and micro businesses that support and protect the economic rights of women.
  • Training for Mauritanian entrepreneurs on issues of economic management.
  • Workshops to form local authorities adnd helpful organizations.
  • We support women's cooperatives of Nouadhibou in their work for sustainable local development.
  • Strengthen women's cooperatives.
Human development: en el puesto 157 de 188 países

We facilitate access to credits to start small businesses.

Equipo de Alianza en Mauritania
We are in Mauritania

Dentro del Programa de la Unión Europea por la Sociedad Civil y la Cultura, Alianza por la Solidaridad y nuestra socia, el Foro de Organizaciones Nacionales de Derechos Humanos, apoyamos a 60 organizaciones civiles para dar poder a la ciudadanía y así poder combatir la pobreza y promover un desarrollo sostenible.

Alianza por la Solidaridad trabaja en dos comunas de Mauritania apoyando a 41 cooperativas locales para hacer frente a la escasez de alimentos. Además, gracias al apoyo de la Unión Europea, también trabajamos para promover un desarrollo sostenible en el país y fortalecer una ciudadanía que haga valer sus derechos.

La XIII Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo ha premiado un libro editado por Alianza por la Solidaridad sobre nuestra experiencia en la construcción de nueve escuelas en las ciudades mauritanas de Nouakchott, Nouadhibou y Kaédi, que buscan mejorar el acceso a la educación entre la población de la región.

Solidarity Alliance has helped to organize a seminar to help improve the situation of civil society organizations and enable them to cope with poverty and violation of human rights, establishing itself as indispensable actors that promote local development in a country economically very depressed.

Representatives of women's associations in North Africa and the Middle East in Madrid claimed the political support of the Spanish government in defense of the rights of women. They involved several local members of Alianza por la Solidaridad.

Más sobre Alianza por la Solidaridad en Mauritania
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