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What do we want to change?

The high economic growth in Mozambique in recent years has not led to a reduction in poverty and has been accompanied by growing inequalities between the different status of society.Hence, the country occupies the position number 178 of 183 on the list drawn up by the United Nations.

In the provinces of Maputo and Cabo Delgado, with a high concentration of population, there are problems of poor housing, lack of infrastructure for water, sanitation and basic equipment.

Agriculture is the main source of income for many families in Cabo Delgado. However, the large cooperations are threatening their livlihood by taking their natural resources such as forests, fish and other agricultural practices.


How do we do it?

  • We improve the management models of natural resources.
  • We create sustainable and equitable generation based on agro-ecological production, with special focus on the role of women income models.
  • We support economic development and strengthen public participation forums for sustainable and participatory land management, especially for women.
  • Strengthen the management of public policies for sustainable local development.

Who do we work with?

With the funding of Desenvolvimento da Comunidade (FDC), Associação Moçambicana or Desenvolvimento Concertado (AMDEC)in the provinces of Maputo and Associação Rural de Ajuda Mutua (ORAM) in the province of Cabo Delgado. As well as with the Distrito y el Municipio de Mueda, in Cabo Delgado, yand the Distrito de Matutuine, in Maputo.

We are largely funded by the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional y Desarrollo (AECID) and other international organizations and agencies.

Ongoing projects:

  • We facilitate the access, use and ownership of land by women.
  • Delivering improved seeds to farmers to increase their productivity.
  • Awareness workshops to reduce inequality between men and women.
  • Workshops to strengthen the association of farmers, especially women.
  • Training workshops for expanding expertise in planning, execution and budget.
  • Strengthening civil society to influence policy development.
Human development: en el puesto 181 de 188 países

The high economic growth in Mozambique in recent years has not led to a reduction in poverty and has been accompanied by growing inequalities between the different status of society.

Equipo de Alianza en Mozambique
We are in Mozambique

The situation in northern Mozambique is deteriorating

Alianza ha trabajado en el municipio mozambiqueño de Mueda apoyando en la formación de los trabajadores de la administración local para un mejor uso de los recursos públicos y la promoción de la igualdad entre hombre y mujeres de la ciudad.

Alianza ha organizado una serie de talleres sobre agricultura sostenible en la provincia de Cabo Delgado, en Mozambique. Con estas jornadas se pretende avanzar en la lucha contra la desnutrición y mejorar las técnicas agrarias y de garantía de la alimentación.

Más sobre Alianza por la Solidaridad en Mozambique
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