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What do we want to change?

Nicaragua is ranked 132 out of 187 countries in the Human Development Report, according to the United Nations Program for Development.Almost half of the population lives in poverty, a situation that is worse in rural areas, where it reaches 61.3% of the population, of which almost 13% are unable to cover their basic needs. Indigenous peoples coexist in Nicaragua (Miskito, Mayangna, branch) along with African descent (Garifunas, Creoles) in communities that are dispersed and difficult to access, raising transport costs and hindering the provision of basic services.

Access to potable water is a reality in which only 65% of Nicaraguans living in rural areas have. Half of whom don´t have access to adequate sanitation.

Gender violence is very apparent in this country. one in three women have been verbally, physically or sexually abused by a member of their family. From 2004-2011 there was an increase in violence by 122% and in 2014 there were 75 cases of reported femicide. Womans organizations try to support these victims. Therefore, we try and prevent these incidents and attend to woman who have been former victims.

In the past 50 years, Nicaragua has lost 50% of its forest area, compounding the effects of droughts, hurricanes and heavy rains caused by climate change. Because of its location, this is a country highly vulnerable to natural disasters, particularly earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and floods.


How do we do it?

  • We empower communities to prevent, detect and treat women victims of domestic violence.
  • We train local woman to be empowered and become involved in public spaces.
  • We promote legistlative change in order to protect woman against violence.
  • We guarantee better coverage and access to water and promote the use of safe hygiene practices and sanitation.
  • We work to prevent natural distasters.
  • We promote the use of alternative energy.

Who do we work with?

Alliance for Solidarity works in Nicaragua in partnership with civil society organizations from different fields (public participation, women's organizations, feminist, environmental, etc.) and local governments.

On a local level, we collaborate with la Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia (RMCV), la Red de Masculinidades de Nicaragua (REDMAS), as well as other organizations which support womans rights and environmental rights (ADEES, APADEIM),particularly in the prevention of disasters (AMC y FADCANIC). in areas of sustainable development we work with many Spanish NGOs (ECODES, ONGAWA y AMIGOS DE LA TIERRA) in order to guaruntee the human right to the access of potable water.

Our work is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) and other international organizations and agencies such as the European Union - ECHO.

Ongoing projects:

  • We teach woman to be empowered and become leaders in their community.
  • Revitilation of observitories against violence.
  • The support and participation of companies in favor of women´s rights.
  • Installation of clean water systems in rural areas.
  • Equipment and workshops on natural disaster prevention.
Índice de Desarrollo Humano: en el puesto 124 de 188 países

Nicaruage has lost 50% of its forests due to deforestation for natural resources.

Alliance team in Nicaragua
We are in Nicaragua


El disfrute de los derechos humanos al agua y al saneamiento se hace más difícil en las zonas rurales. De ahí que el Fondo de Cooperación para Agua y Saneamiento de la Cooperación Española considere prioritarias estas áreas. En la región del Golfo de Fonseca y en Chinandega (Norte de Nicaragua) han concluido dos programas […]

The project was carried out within the framework of the Paragua Initiative, composed of Spanish NGOs, among which is Alliance for Solidarity and Nicaraguan local organizations.

En la última semana pasé mucho tiempo viajando entre las comunidades rurales de El Viejo (en Chianandega, Nicaragua) para presentar el nuevo proyecto de APADEIM, la organización local y aliada de Alianza por la Solidaridad. Era la primera vez que visitaba los beneficiarios de una iniciativa de la asociación donde estoy desarrollando mi voluntariado cómo EU […]

En los días del 15 y 16 de marzo, mi compañera Marie-Pierre y yo, voluntarios en Alianza por la Solidaridad dentro del programa EU Aid Volunteers, fuimos a apoyar el equipo de ADEES (Asociación para el Desarrollo Eco Sostenible), nuestro socio local, en la elaboración de un diagnóstico sobre el estado de las letrinas en la […]

Más sobre Alianza por la Solidaridad en Nicaragua
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