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What do we want to change?

The prolonged Israeli occupation and collapse of peace are great challenges for the Palestinian population that fights for stability, peace, self-sufficiency, and human security in a very militarized context. The population´s life and property are threatened, and in many cases they are forcibly displaced and separated from their families. In addition, they suffer restrictions that limit their freedom of movement and access to basic services. It is estimated that more than 39% of the population lives under the poverty line, and that the unemployment rate is 43% in Gaza. Youth unemployment reaches 88% unemployment among women, and 48% among men. The United Nations has found that 2.3 million people currently need humanitarian assistance.

The patriarchal system and its presence in cultural practices subjects women to a situation of vulnerability and discrimination with high levels of violence, poverty, and few opportunities for development. Palestinian women hold the world’s lowest participation rate in the labor market, while supporting most of the responsibility in caring for their families.

Palestinian women and girls have great difficulty in making decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, and face common practices such as early marriage and refusal of access to family planning methods by their families or husbands. The legal frameworks are discriminatory and institutions are weak, thus unable to guarantee the rights of women signed into international treaties. The vast majority of women are socially and economically dependent, limiting their autonomy and contributing to increasing rates of gender violence.

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How do we do it?

Alianza por la Solidaridad has worked in Palestine for 22 years to:

  • Combat gender violence through awareness campaigns about rights and prevention
  • Improve the quality of legal and psychological services and sexual and reproductive health care aimed at female victims of violence
  • Provide access to humanitarian assistance to give psychosocial support and attention to sexual and reproductive health of women and girls
  • Strengthen professional skills and support income-generating initiatives for women through participatory processes

Who do we work with?

In Gaza we work with the Association for Women and Child Protection (AISHA), Culture of Free Thought Association (CFTA), Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), and Women’s Affairs Technical Committees (WATC).

In the West Bank we work with Health Work Committees (HWC), SAWA, Women and Media Development (TAM), and Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS).

Much of the work has co-financing from the Spanish Agency for international cooperation and development (AECID), the legacy of Almudena Cavestany and other international organizations and agencies.

Ongoing projects:

  • Prevention and insurance services, confidential and humanitarian response in the Gaza Strip for female victims of gender violence
  • We promote income generation and public participation for women
  • Emergency humanitarian aid
Human development: en el puesto 114 de 188 países

The United Nations notes that 2.3 million Palestinians are in need of humanitarian assistance today

Equipo de Alianza en Palestina
We are in Palestine

From Alliance for solidarity will hold the Videoforum 'life in occupied Palestinian territory through the eyes of Palestinian women"together with UNRWA Extremadura and the Council of the youth of Extremadura, which will take place next Friday 14 of September at 19:00 in the Council of the youth of Extremadura, Mérida. TO [...]

PayPal da servicio a compañías y personas que viven en los asentamientos ilegales que Israel tiene en Territorio Ocupado Palestino. Sin embargo, a diferencia de la población israelí, la palestina que vive al lado no puede utilizar PayPal.

Más de 10.000 mujeres han sido detenidas o retenidas por militares israelíes y la mayoría sufrieron torturas y malos tratos, según el informe “Mujeres palestinas: la violencia silenciada” presentado por Alianza por la Solidaridad y coincidiendo con el aniversario de los 50 años de ocupación israelí en Cisjordania, Gaza y Jerusalén Este.

El pasado 9 de mayo, la coalición palestina WISAAL, junto con la Asociación por la Cultura y el Libre Pensamiento (Culture and Free Thought Association –CFTA–), una de nuestras principales socias en Gaza, y con el apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea, fue lanzada una campaña en las redes sociales para prevenir el ciberacoso. A través del hasthtag […]

Although there is more awareness about the problem of violence against women, many women around the world who suffer from this problem have nowhere to go for lack of specific services or by the personal situation in which they live. Alliance, in partnership with the Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), the WATC and [...]

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