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Juana Bengoa Beriain

Vice President

Born in Madrid in 1950. She holds a BA in Political Science and Sociology (Policies section) from the Complutense University of Madrid (1973); Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science and Constitutional Law, the Center for Constitutional Studies in Madrid (1985).
Research Visitor at the University of Cambridge, England (1974)
Cambridge University Certificate of Proficiency in English (1974)
Cours Supèrieur Langue et Civilization Française, Paris (1969)
From 1975 began the citizen movement, working for neighborhood associations in CIDUR. He later worked in a foreign trade company in China (Incoteco) and in 1983 was hired by the Legal Office of the Socialist Group.
For 10 years (1986-1995) was linked to the Public Administration, occupying the Directorate General Causes Parliamentary Monitoring in the Ministry of Parliamentary Relations, the General Secretariat of the Government in the Ministry of the Presidency, and the Directorate National Plan on Drugs at the Ministry of Health.
For five years, from 2000 to April 2005 has been Executive Director of the Spanish Foundation for Cooperation, International Solidarity, an organization that is linked as a volunteer collaborator.
From 2005 to present, he works as a professional in the Consulting Office of the Socialist Group of the Congress of Deputies, being assigned to the Equality Commissions, International Cooperation for Development, Foreign Affairs and Joint Commission for the EU.
He has represented the International Solidarity "Platform 2015 and" and the Spanish NGO Coordinator (CONGDE, serving on its Board of Governors in 2003, putting the Investigation Board on Gender and Development that entity, until March 2009.
Representing Solidarity International has been a member of the Cooperation Council for the period 2000-2004 and from 2009 until July 2012.
He also belonged to the Board of WIDE (Women in Development, Europe) representing the Investigation Board Gender Coordinator and has served on its Executive Committee representing Solidarity and of the Network of African and Spanish Women.

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