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Web portal of the Solidarity Alliance (hereinafter Alliance), like most of the portals on the Internet, uses cookies to improve the user experience and offer better services.

Below, provide information about what are the cookiesWhat type of cookies we use and how you can disable cookies in your browser.

1.1 What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a website, among other things, store and retrieve information containing and know the way in which uses the computer and can be used to recognize the user.

1.2 are not cookies?

They are not viruses, no Trojans, no worms, spam or spyware, or open windows pop up.

1.3 are there what types of cookies?

  • Depending on who manages cookiesThese can be:
    • Own cookies: are those that are collected by Alliance to provide the service you have requested.
    • Third-party cookies: are those that are gathered and managed by a third party.
  • Depending on the time that the cookie remains on your computer, they can be:
    • Session cookies: they are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page.
    • Persistent cookies: make the data remain stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the head of the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

1.4 for which cookies required their consent?

The cookies that require the consent by the user, whether session or persistent, own or third parties, are:

  • Analytical: They capture information for systems of web analytics are used.
  • Advertising: Used for the operation of various services of advertising on web.
  • Tracking or behavioral advertising: They collect information about the user to display personalized advertising.

They are therefore exempted:

  • "User input" cookies.
  • Authentication or identification of user (only session) cookies.
  • Cookies of the user security.
  • Media Player session cookies.
  • Session cookies to balance the load.
  • Cookies for customization of the user interface.
  • Plug-in (plug-in) cookies to Exchange social content.

1.5 are types of cookies using this website?

Then, identify the cookies that are being used in this portal, as well as their type and purpose, duration and who manages them:

Cookie Type Purpose Duration Management,,es,Knowledge and Policy,,es
Analytical Cookies of statistical impact of visits Enviar datos a las plataformas correspondientes de cara a ofrecer análisis estadístico de visitas Entre 30 segundos y 2 años según el cookie. Para más información sobre estos tiempos, consulte las tablas de Google Analytics ( y Facebook ( Google y Facebook

1.6 ¿Cómo desactivar las cookies de su navegador?

En algunos navegadores se pueden configurar reglas específicas para administrar cookies por sitio Web, lo que ofrece un control más preciso sobre la privacidad. Esto significa que se puede inhabilitar cookies de todos los sitios salvo de aquellos en los que se confíe.

En caso de bloquear el uso de cookies en su navegador es posible que algunos servicios o funcionalidades de nuestro portal web no estén disponibles.

A continuación, ofrecemos los enlaces donde encontrará información sobre cómo administrar las cookies en los principales navegadores:

· Google Chrome · Internet Explorer · Safari
· Mozilla Firefox · Micosoft Edge · Safari para IOS (Iphone, Ipad)

1.7 ¿Se pueden eliminar las cookies?

Sí, no sólo eliminar, sino también bloquear de forma general o particular para un dominio específico.

Para eliminar las cookies de una página web debe ir a la configuración de su navegador y allí podrá buscar las asociadas al dominio en cuestión y proceder a su eliminación.

En todo momento podrá retirar el consentimiento brindado al uso de cookies eliminándolas o configurando su navegador para que no acepte cookies de nuestro portal.

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