March 8: Women in Peru are demanding an end to impunity in cases of femicide

mujeres duelo nacional 2

Alliance for Solidarity in Peru, and its partner the Manuela Ramos Movement and Calender These women take to the streets dressed in black with the name of

These women take to the streets dressed in black with the name of National Mourning Women Against Femicide y reúnen a organizaciones y redes como la Red de promotoras “Trabajando por un Futuro Sin Violencia” de Independencia, Red de promotoras contra la violencia “Reconstruyendo corazones” de Comas, Red de promotoras contra la violencia familiar y sexual de Carabayllo, Red de promotoras de salud de Independencia, Orientadoras legales de Independencia, Red de salud de Collique de Comas, Asociación Central de Promotoras de Salud de Comas (ACEPRODES), Asociación de Promotoras de Teatro en Acción de Comas (APROTEA), Mesa de concertación de género de Comas, Comité de vigilancia de los derechos de las mujeres del distrito de Chulucanas (Piura) y el Foro Salud Distrital de Chulucanas (Piura).

We share with you the material that this group is spreading in their communities.

Triptych - Women Campaign duel against femicide

Solidarity Alliance for working on Andean Region for women to see realized their right to live a life free of violence. For more about our work click here. If you want financially supporting this project click here and if you want to Volunteer with us click here.

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