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Cairo 20: An opportunity to continue investing in the global women's rights

Alliance for Solidarity participate Sept. 22 in New York at the Special Session of the UN General Assembly to Cairo 20, where the report that includes the agenda of the Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights and the challenges to be addressed will be presented by


In the international context, It is critical for the rights of women currently and particularly for sexual and reproductive rights. It is a unique opportunity to analyze in which areas progress has been insufficient and establish the issues to be addressed for further progress in the coming decades.

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Programme of Action of the Fourth International Conference on Population and Development and the review process culminates in meeting the goals: "Cairo 20". There will be setbacks, but the 1994 calendar is not enough for the demands of the rights in 2014 and there is much resistance to the advance

The review process takes place one year before the deadline for meeting the Millennium Goals in the midst of negotiating the new agenda post-2015: an opportunity to link both processes and position Sexual Rights Reproductive and in the new agenda.

Solidarity Alliance for participating in this special session for the demands of the civil society through our partner Sandra Johansson and Supervisory Board for the Rights of Peru, we are one of the member organizations.

In this scenario, as civil society we find different opportunities and challenges:

Opportunities and developments
  • Significant progress on key issues in regional and thematic conferences: especially in Latin America (Montevideo Consensus).
  • Recognition of sexual rights in all regions except the Middle East.
  • Recognition of Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights (SRHR) of l @ s youth.
  • Recognition of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in all regions except Europe and Africa.
  • Advances in the recognition of the right to abortion, except in the Middle East.
  • Context of political commitment and strong resistance to the SRHR agenda.
  • Implementation of commitments already made.
  • Recognition of emerging issues. Has avoided a setback on the agenda, but the priorities of 1994 are not sufficient for 2014:
    • Sexual Rights
    • Legal and safe abortion
    • Comprehensive sex education
    • SRHR of young l @ s
    • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Weak link with post-2015 Agenda: parallel processes

Our actions in the Andean region for the rights of women

Alianza por la Solidaridad is promoting various activities of information and impact on the decisions taken by the governments of the signatory countries of Cairo 20.

In Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador have developed materials and radio spots for women, youth and authorities which are working training processes. This material has been distributed to publicize their rights under Cairo. On the other hand, has supported advocacy processes and civil society to participate in the New York session, where in the case of Peru, will be a representation of the Supervisory Board for the Rights of which it is part Alianza por la Solidaridad

Here we share with you some of the material has occurred. Invitad @ s get to share it and use it.

Download the materials by clicking on the links

Cartilla Cairo (Bolivia APS)

Hablemos Aborto Bolivia APS


Podcast (audio)

spot1 Cairo Peru APS

Spot2 Cairo Peru APS

Spot3 Cairo Peru APS

Spot4 Cairo Peru APS

Spot5 Cairo Peru APS

Spot6 Cairo Peru APS

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2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the "Cairo 20" program. There will be setbacks, but the 1994 calendar is not enough for the demands of the rights in 2014 and there is much resistance to progress.

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