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Red Alert: We fight for our rights

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This Week in New York is performing the 47th session of the International Conference on Population and Development UN being revised agreements, progress and challenges of the Cairo Agenda, after 20 years set for compliance. More than a hundred women and feminist organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean participating in this event, including Alliance for Solidarity.

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In 1994 at the Cairo Conference, 179 countries signed an Action Plan to 20 who established a series of goals to achieve and was distinguished by its approach holistic and transformative theme population as a link with human development, environmental protection, eradication of poverty and violence, improving the status of women, protection of the overall health and sexual health and reproductive health in particular, including the approach of unsafe abortion, the needs of adolescents, HIV / AIDS, Among many others. Prioritized the individual and collective welfare, equality and gender equity, and full respect for reproductive rights as human rights.

Statement: The actions we need for the future we want - Red Alert civil society

Today, 20 years later, this agenda is more alive than ever and that is what civil society organizations, women's organizations, youth and some governments want to move forward in this review space. The Cairo agenda has not come to an end and can not go back in advanced. It has not come to an end because while acknowledging the progress made in terms of recognition of rights, in terms of sexuality and reproduction, worldwide still thousands of women suffer in the aftermath of their bodies and fundamentalist restrictive rules preventing exercise fully their rights form

Algunos data highlight to really worry about are:

  • 222 million women worldwide have an unmet need for family planning
  • Each year, 60 million girls are sexually assaulted.
  • Each year 47,000 women worldwide die from unsafe abortions. Almost half of these deaths are in women under 25.
  • 76 countries still criminalize relationships between people of the same sex.
  • Violence against women affects 1 in 3 women worldwide.

So this week is crucial for governments to actually bet on the full implementation of human rights for everyone. Our human rights including sexual and reproductive rights, EVEN AND ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN

To position the book already have favorable previous documents, such as Consensus Montevideo that was a step forward in the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights and guarantee of NO violence against women. Hopefully the bet is for these advances without fear of the opinions of conservative sectors and countries, under the paradigms of family protection, cultural respect and violate state sovereignty with international human rights agreements, negotiating and threatening the lives of thousands of women.

It is therefore necessary that you all stay alive and we position this agenda in our countries demanding:

  • The full enjoyment without discrimination of our sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Access to contraceptive methods.
  • Sexual health and reproductive health services, free and repositories.
  • Abortion safe, free and free.
  • Sex education and truthful, complete information about sexuality and secular for everyone, so we can make decisions in a free, autonomous and informed.
  • Policies and budgets that guarantee women their sexual rights, reproductive rights and to live free of violence.

After review of Cairo, in 2015 the MDGs are reviewed and it is essential that these claims are positioned in the new development agenda, requesting specific development goals and gender are constructed based on the recognition of human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights and justice.

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