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# ForoFeminista: the daily struggles and care


Lidia Cher @ Lidiaucher

July 2013

Daily Caro,

We're going to Barcelona: # CineMigrante, "a cultural space that allows closer, deepening the encounter and awareness about human mobility"

In sample # CineMigrante -International Film & Training Human Rights of Migrants- We also had the opportunity to meet other life stories of women in other countries our "civilized" Europe, Go minding the real misery danesas families to feed heal sus families in the Philippines, as it is that he portrayed in the documentary "Au Pair"Screened in Centre Civic Pati Llimona Barcelona on July 5.

Back to Madrid, we have given birth to this text:

Around the same time, it has fallen into our hands in our desk-work "Feminist Perspectives". We read Yayo Herrero, Esther Vivas, Carmen Michael, Vanessa Sanchez ... and begin to draw connections between struggles and care…:

Sustainability ... should look, ask and learn from women. The culture of care will need to be rescued and act as the central inspiration to a socially and ecologically sustainable society ... (Yayo Herrero)

And still struggling, politically influencing, connecting strugglesLike yesterday that we took to the streets once again with a # EscracheFeminista to appeal to the Minister of Health our right to decide about our bodies and our livesOf all women, here and there, freely and without violence.

On this same day, the great Aurora Beltrán we dedicated "to all women who fight" their song "Valkyries" for this escrache: "I wish I never would have to write this song and never have to write another equal "

And the quote with which we headed for the March 8The presentation of the documentary that bears the name of this Senegalese woman. The appointment of another great fighter, Wangari Maathai:

We recall the voice and music of Aline Frazao in the room Galileo Galilei that night the International Women's Day, which we cured stress for a few hours of the day and lived months ago: routes for rural communities in Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, interviews, scripts, visas, translations, interpretations, questions, many questions ...

And these doubts, we parimos these texts, blurs, roles, visions and lives ...

"Do not you remember that many of them do not even know her age, nor see themselves as an individual, but as part of a family, and that even in such a rural setting we can not deprive them of the circumstances? Our look is not theirs.

September 2013

Daily Caro,

Summer has healed us a little more after so many geographical, intellectual, cultural connections, connect both here and there to create nodes of exchange, mergers within our organizations, the physical and psychological exhaustion, meet new colleagues to lose just days after the first. It has been difficult, and we have left in the way many mutual care.

But September comes, we return to the course and connections to win, and we return to Barcelona: #ForoMigrante.

We invite you to participate and hope to all people who want to share their struggles, their achievements, their motives, their complaints, their vision for a world where human rights are respected, of all people because ultimately ... Gentes at the end of the day, WE ALL OF MIGRANTS in this changing world.

Parimos And again, more links:

How to find the solution to forced migration whether to hide the real causes? How to deepen the look about human mobility? How EU policies support or hinder the recruitment of immigrants in Europe? How to generate networks and spaces at intercultural dialogue from home? What we have to say at the United Nations on Migration and Development? How the civil society we help build policies based on respect for the human rights of migrants?

And also in this forum connecting to recover all cash before the long, hot summer:

"Migration is not inherited, the care must be at the center of the debate and the revolution will not be cross or ".

We are reminded Brigitte Vassallo, Of Captive Collective, In the Migrant Forum.

October 2013

Daily Caro,

With so much to tell in the return, We had forgotten the care. And the fall has also dropped some leaves at our feet ...

I say goodbye, and perhaps, with this farewell,
my most beautiful dream dies inside me ...
But I say goodbye, for life,
but life still thinking of you.

Companions to be, and so fired ... reciting José Ángel Buesa.

Something we removed our routinesWe must move forward ... yes, but which roller ...

"The revolution we are going through here is not just to get material things change, but also the attitudes of discrimination and oppression reproduced among us every day, often without being aware of it." Ana Criquillion in an interview Jordi Miguel.

And we parimos again. Between readings Looks Feminists, Talks with teammates, team meetings, farewells, low, transfers, telecommuting ... and to present a book that speaks of "building life green and violet," we wanted to publicly resume a pending conversation:


#ForoFeminista: el diario de las luchas y los cuidados - Alianza por la Solidaridad

And so was born the Feminist Forum. And with him we return to Barcelona. Where to celebrate the Migrant Forum. We return to Part Llimona, Where we saw Au Pair, con Migrant Cinema. We reconnect, and go back to take care of. We complete the circle.

Are we talking about?

I hope to all, and to all. Very important: women and men we in this mutual care. On Friday October 25, from 18:30, first quote # ForoFeminista.

With Esther Vivas, Carmen Miguel and many fellow Alliance for Solidarity and other social groups, such as Brigitte Vasallo, Pati own mates Llimona and friends, friends who want to share with us a debate that, as our colleague Jordi says Miguel, seems "priority boarding": "We are consuming in the fight, leaping into the air some of their own goals along the way."

Here Program

If you want to take a copy of the book "Feminist Perspectives", inscríbete here!

Hugs, and we ...

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And so was born the Feminist Forum. And with him we return to Barcelona. Where to celebrate the Migrant Forum. We return to the Pati Llimona, where we saw Au Pair, with Migrant Cinema. We reconnect, and go back to take care of. We complete the circle. Are we talking about?

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