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Do they improve the projects our lives?

Mayte Vizcaíno (Voluntary Humanitarian Haiti)


I arrived in Haiti just over a month so advance that my vision, my thoughts on the situation of this country, I'm very partial in both time and space ago. But here I venture to expose focusing on the project where my work focuses on the framework of the pilot project “EU Aid Volunteers” Solidarity Alliance that conducted with other European organizations and is funded by ECHO.

The area of ​​Haiti is 27.750Km2 (to get an idea, something less than Galicia) and has a population of about 10 million people.

¿Mejoran nuestros proyectos la vida de las personas? - Alianza por la Solidaridad

I arrived in Jacmel, capital city of the homonymous district along with the previous two make up the Southeast department with the task of improving the monitoring and measuring the impact of our actions. Given that these populations depend on agriculture and farmland that are most affected by deforestation and the force of water, decided to work on 3 fronts: the environment, agricultural production and civil society.

through workshops and conducting policy and advocacy activities impact on the three areas in which we work. an important part of the job is to support the strengthening of civil society organizations through workshops and conducting policy and advocacy activities impact on the three areas in which we work.

In my opinion, the funds received, the work done by e-international-national organizations and the efforts of the Haitian people, manage to get a lot of results to be achieved by the projects. Now we have to measure the actual impact of those results, to meet and assess whether the action taken is achieved truly reduce the vulnerability of people and improve their lives.

I mean, can we have planned reforestation X hectares but Is it really that reforestation is durable and helps improve the security situation of the homes in the area? And besides helping to increase arable land so that the amount of food available is increased, improving the food security situation of the people living in that area?

To answer these questions it is necessary, not only through indicators measure the achievement of project outcomes, but see if the changes have improved the lives of people. Only if we are able to measure the true impact and improve the monitoring of projects do we say that we are actually helping to improve the situation of one of the most vulnerable countries in the Western Hemisphere.

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  1. I'm a little lost as to vote!

  2. It will be many years until the balance of wealth, income distribution and not give in Haiti and other countries with similar characteristics. Alliance's work is commendable and complements the other entities make no profit, and the efforts of Spanish citizens who give selflessly.

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This is to determine whether the action taken will reduce the vulnerability of people.

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