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Peru discussion the decriminalization of abortion in case of rape

Gioconda Dieguez - Peru ApS

A few days ago, the Peruvian Congress began debate on Bill No. 3839-2014-IC posed the decriminalization of abortion in cases of rape, artificial insemination or transfer without consent eggs, presented by feminist organizations with backing 80,000 signatures of citizens, above the minimum number of accessions established by the Law on Participation and Control.

déjala decidir aborto Perú

Currently, in the country, abortion is legal only in cases where the life of the pregnant woman is in danger.

La actual coyuntura abrió la posibilidad de debatir una vez más sobre la despenalización del aborto en diferentes espacios, no solamente con el Estado sino también con diferentes actores de la sociedad civil. El presidente de la Comisión de Constitución y Reglamento del Congreso de la República anunció que invitará a especialistas, representantes de los colegios Médico del Perú y de Abogados de Lima, de los ministerios de Salud y de Justicia, y representantes de organizaciones para que vayan exponiendo sus posiciones frente al tema a los representantes de la Comisión.

Arguments for decriminalization

Decriminalize abortion is a crime while considering termination of pregnancy when performed by free choice of women and, therefore, stop pursuing criminal or judicially women and / or professionals who do the procedimiento. It means respecting the decision of women in relation to maternity, regardless of motherhood an obligation, and help encourage more women to clandestine abortion practices in unsafe conditions that threaten their integrity, their health and their lives.

In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) about 4.4 million abortions, of which 95% are unsafe and many women self-induce abortion or go to unsafe providers applying techniques or are not adequately trained occur. In LAC countries abortion is illegal in most cases and in seven countries in the region is strictly forbidden (Guttmacher Institute, 2008).

In the case of Peru, 8.4% of women reported having ever joined suffered sexual violence. Si bien se reconocen subregistros, según cifras del Ministerio Público (2013) en promedio se registran 49 denuncias diarias de violación sexual. Más del 90% de las víctimas de delitos contra la libertad sexual son mujeres y las edades más vulnerables en casos de violación sexual están entre 14 y 17 años de edad (PNCVHM 2009-2015). A estos datos se suman que 90 de cada 100 embarazos de niñas son consecuencia de actos incestuosos, y 34 de cada 100 adolescentes embarazadas como consecuencia de una violación sexual, se suicidaron.

The fact that the State, through legislation, forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy product of rape involves violence against women that continues, this time by the State.

Alliance for Solidarity has supported the struggle of feminist organizations and human rights for the decriminalization of abortion.

Alliance for Solidarity has supported the struggle of feminist organizations and human rights for the decriminalization of abortion. Let Decide Campaign where you can find articles and notes about the actions of organizations and their arguments for the right of women to decide on their bodies.

2 Responses to "Peru discusses decriminalization of abortion in case of rape"

  1. Belinda Barahona says:

    I totally agree with the decriminalization of Abortion in all its extremes, because every woman Must decide in an experient and free way about what to do with her body, wanting to legislate on such sensitive and intimate issues constitutes an attack on her right to her p personal capacity, therefore the legislation should not have such scope of intromisition in the intimate and personal desists of women, as long as these do not affect society.

  2. Noelia Acosta. says:

    Good morning.

    4.4 million abortions
    95% are unsafe
    90 out of 100 pregnancies of girls out of 14 to 17 products of incestuous acts
    34 out of 100 committed suicide
    I appreciate the collection of important data like this. I'm doing an exhibition of the subject and I need bibliographic data. where I can get them.

    From now on, I appreciate the help.

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In LAC about 4.4 million abortions occur, of which 95% are unsure.

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