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Fighting for the global rights of women in Peru

Mona Lisa Diéguez - Peru ApS

The Peruvian Congress will soon debate a bill to decriminalize abortion logar in rape cases in Peru. The NGO Alliance for Solidarity works weaving Peruvian solidarity alliances with other organizations to advance the implementation of sexual and reproductive rights for all.


Sexual violence remains a strong and serious problem in Peru that affects the lives of women. While the exact extent of the problem is not known and recognized that a large proportion of victims do not report, the figures speak of the existence of 37.2% of women who reported having been victims of physical and sexual violence by your spouse or partner (DHS 2013). Based on figures from the Public Prosecutor (2013) recorded average 49 complaints daily rape and emergency centers as women and analysis of complaints received in the national police, of 10 victims are under the age of 8 edad (MIMP, 2012).

In cases where a woman is a victim of rape, and this results in a pregnancy, Peruvian law criminalizing abortion to a term not exceeding 3 months (Art. 120 Peruvian Penal Code). That is, the law seeks to force the woman to continue the pregnancy even against their will and raped again.

Although, being only 3 months, was not finally go to jail, women who choose to terminate a pregnancy and who have limited financial resources, are forced to resort to clandestine and unsafe services risking their integrity, their health and their lives. In addition to being subject to social stigma, stigma and blame.

Faced with this situation for several years various women's organizations have raised the decriminalization of abortion in cases of rape; in line with the recommendations that Peru has been receiving international bodies to review and change the legislation which violates the rights of women.

Global Women's Rights: Let her decide

Since 2012, the feminist [1] articulation of Peru is carrying out the campaign "Let Decide"And has promoted a citizen initiative collecting more than 60,000 signatures of citizens who support a bill decriminalizing abortion in cases of rape, artificial insemination or transfer of ova without consent.

After several attempts, the bill has been admitted to the Congress and should be debated soon.

Since Alianza por la Solidaridad consider it vital that the Peruvian legislators and discuss this situation and the proposal, from a viewpoint of human rights, public health and social justice in the context of a secular state.

The decriminalization of abortion will correct a historical injustice and state violence by imposing a raped pregnant women, which affects their dignity, autonomy and life.

What can you do to defend the global rights of women?

Visit and share information Let Decide Campaign click here to view website

Click here to see the route citizens' legislative initiative to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape.

Want to know more about the work of the NGO Alliance for Solidarity for sexual and reproductive rights in the Andean Region? Click here


[1] Integrated by Manuela Ramos, Demus, PROMSEX, CDD Peru, CMP Flora Tristán y Cladem Peru.

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