Rajoy boasts the United Nations, while cutting cooperation policy

Written by Pablo Martinez Osés Check (Director of Platform 2015 and more) @ Pablojmoses

The prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, displays his "commitment" to human and sustainable development at the UN: "Because ODA is not charity but a social investment in a common future because what is at stake is the global welfare


The Government of Spain has a clear objective for post-2015: to occupy a seat within the Security Council of the United Nations for the period 2015-2016. For this, Mariano Rajoy has presented himself before the UN as a cosmopolitan leader, with a firm commitment to human and sustainable development. In the presentation of the results of the Spain-UNDP Fund for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG-F), which the Spanish government has organized in New York, Rajoy underscored Spain's commitment to the UN on development , "Because we believe in multilateralism." He also pointed out that the Spain-UNDP Fund ("which we have endowed with almost USD 1,000 million") has impacted the lives of more than 20 million people.,es

In UN knows what is happening with Spanish cooperation policy. It is for all and all known that the development cooperation policies have been most affected by the cuts and austerity policies and remain. Today has seen a further reduction of 6% to cooperation reflected in the state budget. Y se conoce también cómo están impactando también los recortes de las políticas públicas a los índices de desarrollo humano de la ciudadanía española. Tanto Amina Mohamed, asesora especial del Secretario General de Naciones Unidas para la agenda post-2015, que estuvo en Madrid hace unos días, como Helen Clark, administradora del PNUD, han manifestado sus críticas, entre las siempre correctas y cuidadas palabras con que se hacen los discursos de la alta diplomacia. Ambas mujeres manifestaron, ante el gobierno español, el agradecimiento al pueblo español por su solidaridad y compromiso con el desafío global del desarrollo. Un compromiso, según Clark y Mohamed, que tuvo su mejor expresión en forma de políticas públicas en legislaturas anteriores a la actual.

Clark and Mohamed encourage our government to recover the pulse and commitment, and to rectify the current path, defined by dismantling the political and budgetary debacle to which the current government has gone to the Spanish cooperation policy. Without so to speak, of course. But stating categorically that the achievements of Spain boasts that, as with the Spain-UNDP Fund, which are proposed to be an innovative approach, away from the commercial and financial cooperation utilitarianism, the so-called business as usual. An approach that is far from the actual proposals the Spanish government on cooperation.

Beyond economic growth

En el mismo sentido se han expresado muchos actores, que ven este momento de transición de agendas como una gran oportunidad de configurar otras propuestas más transformadoras. Por ejemplo, Klaus Schilder, de la red internacional de ONG CIDSE, afirma con claridad que “un cambio de paradigma necesita superar los tradicionales enfoques políticos. El crecimiento económico –aunque sea más verde– no es un fin en sí mismo, sino que necesita contribuir a la realización de los derechos humanos y el bienestar humano. Se trata de un nuevo paradigma que necesita estar centrado en la justicia, la equidad, la solidaridad y la distribución justa de los bienes y servicios para todas las personas. Necesita confrontar las estructuras de poder injustas y los desequilibrios sistémicos que son los principales causantes de la pobreza, la desigualdad y la destrucción irrespetuosa de los derechos de las generaciones futuras”.

In this sense, Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, in his speech to the General Assembly of the chest shows economic growth figures in your country. Links the cycle average annual growth of 4.8% with the progress in reducing poverty, illiteracy and reducing maternal and child mortality. Also, he says, has increased the coverage of people with access to safe drinking water among other obvious achievements in the set of indicators under the Millennium Development Goals.

Pero también vincula el éxito de esas políticas a la existencia de soberanía y la dignidad de su gobierno. Antes Bolivia se gobernaba desde las instituciones financieras internacionales y la embajada norteamericana, y se imponían los intereses de los acreedores y los contratos con las transnacionales. Ahora en cambio, se han liberado política y económicamente y el gobierno hace las políticas desde la perspectiva de los intereses soberanos. La nacionalización de los hidrocarburos y la modificación de los contratos con las transnacionales han sido esenciales para cristalizar esa liberación. No olvida el presidente boliviano, relacionar estas acciones de gobierno y las estrategias con las que están proyectando políticas para el futuro, con el diálogo y el trabajo junto con todos los movimientos sociales.

However, they request social groups, it seems essential that countries, especially in the Latin American area, you are achieving reverse and overcome difficulties to increase the rights of much of their populations also progress in the development of a critical public to the concept of economic growth, as it is recorded and measured by international financial institutions. The environmental sustainability of alternative development models that really must be trying to be in closer proximity to distant future, the touchstone to establish the difference between periods establishment of more distributive policies that are in danger of exhaustion, and alternative policy approaches with the ability to configure irreversibly new sociological, political and economic realities more consistent with justice and human rights declaration

The discourse of austerity commitment

We do not know what effect, in the UN officials and other members of the international community and the system of development cooperation, the words Mariano Rajoy, both this act and in his speech to the General Assembly. For those who know the details of their activities and decisions that your government is facing one of the toughest periods for Spanish citizenship in recent decades, the impression is that simply read papers without paying much attention to the words, concepts and principles they are intended to convey. Hopefully we are deeply mistaken.

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Clark and Mohamed encourage our government to recover the pulse and commitment, and to rectify the current path, defined by dismantling the political and budgetary debacle to which the current government has gone to the Spanish cooperation policy

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