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Closure Hall of communication approaches: For a non-sexist advertising

Sandra Lopez - Gamma Foundation

From Monday, March 4 was open to exposure, since 2012, have joined the cities of Orellana, Quito and Guayaquil. The geographical coverage since continued to grow and in this tenth edition institutions Bolivia and Peru joined.

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The growth and expansion, since this action to the active participation of people began has been the hall mark of Communication. In 2005, in Cuenca, Ecuador, home of the initiative, involving approximately 400 people, of whom gave their vote 310. Today, closing sign tenth living in Cuenca, third national living and first Andean regional games, we 5460 votes and the participation of more than 6000 people.

Each classroom was were adding voices, institutions that generate public policies, institutions guaranteeing rights, networks and groups for the enforcement of rights, communicators, journalists at the daily broadcast news and messages, generate opinion, agencies autoregulando.

The tone of each Hall of communication has been present, by way of parenthesis, obtained a selection of advertisements Annual Technical study publicity and complaints are also received throughout the year. Over 500 messages analyzed, is a sample of some 45 advertising pieces.

In the end, the people, the audience has the floor. By looking at all the ads together, the ability to analyze the consequences of seeing these messages in the media and the streets are open. It's like an electric shock.

Most are young people from secondary schools who after knowing what is sexism in the media and the consequences of the use of gender stereotypes, give your vote for the TV ads, newspaper and radio. That assertion “los medios presentamos lo que la gente quiere”Collapses in each exposure and each vote. It's not sexism, what people want is not discrimination what we receive, we do not want more permanent use of the image of women objectified and eroticized, no more stereotypes in the media because they generate violence, discrimination, abuse and exclusion.

The feedback received from the people and especially young weariness by these messages and an order of creativity and respect for human rights notes. "No more sexism", "no more sexism", "no abuse"Are phrases spoken by young people in the events in which the sample is presented Hall.

5462 votes say we can generate a great movement for self, Through reflection, review and talk about the consequences and implications of this type of reading messages. This large group of voters in the Hall found the possibility to compare, debate, dissent, opinions and proposals.

This Hall of communication was established, to insist that the media are a huge opportunity to build a society of respect among all people, a society in which women and men can be truly free and live with dignity.

The expansion in coverage and participation is a great encouragement to continue.

Many thanks to those who participated!

Alliance for Solidarity is supporting this important initiative in the region. Voting in Bolivia and Peru is open until 20 June.

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5460 votes and the participation of more than 6000 people

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