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"My name is Fatim. Was born, raised and married in Souloul between rice fields. I am 27 years, two sons and a daughter. At 17 I married my cousin Makhmout. My husband has two wives with whom I share the housework. After preparing meals, caring for children and take them to school, farming a plot of rice and other alkyl to grow vegetables. "

Fatim is a Senegalese entrepreneur. Your day includes family and caring for children and household responsibilities (responsibility in housework too distant glimpses in Senegal), cultivate rice, keep it and sell it, take care of your cattle, and attend management classes microenterprises.

Like Fatima Alissa is devoted to rice:Before grew and sold banana, but in the hot season is very difficult to maintain good fruit to sell, and often broke down and I lost the money they had invested. So I started with the sale of rice. Everyone consumes rice in my region. Rice also serves to combat hunger, inexpensive, and well preserved. Before buying only what to eat, but now that crop also helps me to sell one, and I have left to feed livestock. "

Fatim and Sina not only grow rice: planted, watered and stimulate growth every day a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. They are two of the women involved in agricultural projects and cereal banks with women Solidarity Alliance has launched in Senegal. Through their participation in the various activities that we run, Fatim, Aissa and fellow cultivators improve the quality, quantity and price of its rice.

Can the triple (and quadruple!) Day, but because they remind us Fatim: "Sometimes this job is difficult. Women spent hours hand-threshing rice, with the help of children, but we had no means to separate the husk from the grain, or bad beans good ... We grew, but after harvest, nobody would buy us rice shell. And if we bought it, it was always at a very low price. "

So is investing in buy threshers and processing machines, which allow preserving the surplus to sell rice in stores that the project will assemble in Dakar, the capital. Small businesses will be managed by other women who will benefit doubly Project: provide cheap, nutritious and better quality rice and, on the other hand, increase their income.

Sina is another of the women participating in the activities. She has very clear importance of promoting local cultures, leaving direct benefits in your environment. Ensures: "I am a fierce advocate of local rice, to make it more competitive than imported from Vietnam. Nobody bought ten years ago the local rice because we had no means to prepare well. Today we are proud of our rice, and we are promoting at fairs, cooking events and ceremonies. "

Part of this improvement is due to quality seeds now used for cultivation: they are good quality, so you need less fertilizer and watered shorter. The result: healthier, organic and environmentally friendly food.

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the areas where Alianza por la Solidaridad working with local people to ensure thousands of people access to food, through long-term interventions to improve the management of natural resources and access of women to their rights. The activities involved in Alissa, Sina and Fatim are part of one of these long-term interventions.

In summary, Sina, Alissa and Fatim, like the other women cultivators and processors of rice, are able to feed their families, getting income from the sale of part of the production, and feeding his cattle. All this influences positively on their way of life and their families, as Fatim says: "When I sell the rice, I can pay for food, clothing and schooling for my children."

But in addition to improving their personal and family situations, the main achievement is that through the support and confidence in their abilities, women participants are working every day to improve the role of women in society.

You can support these women by sending an SMS with the word solidarity SEED to 28014. You You will perform a complete donation of € 1.20 for supporting the project (SMS service operated by Altiria supportive ICT www.altiria.comAnd the Spanish Association of Fundraising,, nº. atn. clte. 902 00 28 98, , apdo. correos 36059 – 28080 Madrid; válido para Movistar, Vodafone y Orange)

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