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Our work in Colombia

High levels of poverty, forced abandonment of their communities for protection and security, family structure, economic vulnerability and violence against women.



The presence of various armed groups and drug undergoes the population of the affected areas to a permanent humanitarian crisisHigh levels of poverty, forced abandonment of their communities for protection and security, family structure, economic vulnerability and violence against women.

The work of public institutions and integration to provide shelter to the displaced on both sides of the border population creates social tensions, rejection and exclusion in host communities.

The public institutions sometimes do not have access to the affected population, Which does not know the legal and institutional frameworks for protection.


The work is developed from three perspectives: Ensure the safety, dignity and humanitarian assistance to the affected population.

  • Strengthen the protection and management framework

Therefore it supports communities through workshops training so that they know the legal framework, forming leaders and organized groups (especially women and craftsmen) that engage and interact with the institutions. In parallel, working with institutions (public, private and international) to bring closer them to the communities, providing access to and contact with the displaced population so that they can fulfil their responsibilities. In addition, institutional presence is an element of protection for the communities.

  • Protection and guarantee of rights
  • Actions are carried out to increase the autonomy of people giving support for the development of productive projects, providing safe neighborhoods with community infrastructure and housing that have hygienic and comfortable sanitation and access to drinking water.


    In each country, Alliance for Solidarity works in partnership with the local civil society, governments and beneficiaries. Alliance for Solidarity´s involvement is critical to the current success and continuity of the actions in the future.

    Solidarity Alliance is renowned in the area as a major humanitarian actor, So that all actions are performed directly, coordinating and collaborating with national and local governments, NGOs, and international organizations. We also have the co-financing Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID)ECHO, SDC or UNFPA.

    Este trabajo favorece directamente a población desplazada y refugiada, indígenas y afrodescendientes, con especial atención a mujeres, niños/as y jóvenes. Puedes conocer mejor nuestro trabajo en Colombia aquí:

    El drama de los refugiados/as

    Our work in Colombia



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    14 Responses to "Our work in Colombia"

    1. Raquel Ros says:

      Hi I would like to send my resume to participate in volunteer projects you carry abroad related to the development and conservation of the environment.
      Where I can send?
      Thank you very much

    2. Jose Albeiro Naranjo says:

      Me gustaria hacer parte de la asociacion que tienen en Colombia con el fin de brindar un poco de ayuda


      Hola, linda labor en mi pais; me gustaria aportar desde mi profesion al trabajo que realizan en Colombia. Soy Psicologa y tengo experiencia en apoyo psicosocial. Gracias

      • admin says:

        Hola Marcela, puedes contactar con nuestro equipo en Colombia. La dirección la puedes encontrar en nuestra web. Un saludo!

    4. Aurea says:

      Soy una estudiante de Nutrición y Salud Global, que se especializa en “Salud pública , Nutrición y Política alimentaria ” en Copenhague, Dinamarca.
      Es parte de mi educación, que los estudiantes universitarios buscan pasantías cortas (12 semanas) dentro o fuera de Dinamarca . Vuestro proyecto en Colombia me interesa mucho! Mi interés particular está en la forma de aliviar el hambre, la construcción de estrategias de resistencia y estrategias de medios de vida sostenibles.
      Espero que haya alguna oportunidad de poder trabajar con ustedes y conseguir un poco mas de práctica, experiencia del mundo real dentro de mi ámbito de competencia.

    5. Claudia says:

      Cordial greeting.
      I've been looking at your page and admire their cause. I would like to know if I can help them in some activities (I am a mechanical engineer but also could help in other ways different to my profession).
      I look carefully! :)

    6. Gilberto says:

      Cordial greeting.

      I admire all the work humanitarian carried out, which is why I'd like to know if there is a possibility of my internship as a Communicator social-journalism due to the next semester should I perform them. Taking into account that the focus of my University is communication for social change.

      Thank you, I will be attentive to any response.

    7. Juanfe says:

      Hola. Quisiera validar que esta convocatoria es de ustedes y si la han publicado en un sitio oficial. Así mismo, si hay algún medio para resolver inquietudes:
      Mil gracias

    8. Alejandra Garay says:

      Very good day.

      If I am interested in knowing the projects that developed in Colombia and would like to request communication with the responsible person for institutional articulation, who could contact? Thank you very much. Are they Colombian volunteers?

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