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Who better than Africans to tell his story? Andalucia is full of Africa!

Beatriz Suarez technique Advocacy and campaigns

Today we are lucky to live in our neighborhoods with residents who are from Africa, who migrated for different reasons and living together we contribute to the building society. Who better than them to tell their story? Who better than them to tell us about their traditions, their customs? Who better than them and them to discuss news published on Africa, on their countries?

In the Andalusian society there is a lack of the African continent, their realities, their history, their wealth, their real problems, creating an imaginary Africa marked by compassion, superiority and a negative image that sometimes produces fear and rejection . This ignorance is due to many factors, including the image and reproduced the news media, the immediacy that simplify reality.

It is also due to education, and the educational pathways in both primary and secondary and higher education is not the history of the continent, Africans or African relevant thought as a source of knowledge is studied.

andaluciaafrica40 africanos y africanas de distintos países se han formando durante el mes de noviembre en Huelva y en Granada con el objetivo de fortalecer sus capacidades como personas transformadoras. Durante la formación, hablamos de la importancia de África y los africanos en el contexto internacional, debatimos sobre el imaginario que tiene la población española sobre África , cómo pueden cambiar los estereotipos negativos, y mejorar el uso de las herramientas de comunicación. También trabajamos formas de organizarse y articularse para que sean más efectivas sus demandas, así como el contexto actual de las migraciones y el papel que tienen como personas migrantes tanto en sus países de origen como en el de acogida.

It also aims to improve the relationship between African people, institutions (in the field of cooperation, participation, migration policies and woman) and social organizations, seeking to improve their mutual understanding and the development of common actions to improve

The training also has its practical side, where each of the participants developed an action to sensitize, inform, raise awareness and exchange with the Andalusian population.

In a global world in which we live is necessary to know the reality that people live and know the problems and potentials of different peoples. There are stereotypes about Africa and ignorance that we want to break revealing the different realities of the continent through Africans themselves for your voice, your vision, your opinions creating spaces for encounter and dialogue to exchange, talk is heard, discuss and build together.

This training is part of a project entitled "African fills Andalusia"Carried out by the Organisation for Solidarity Alliance and funded by the Andalusian Agency for International Cooperation (AACID) and the European Commission.

This December begins this training in Seville, with the participation of 33 people from different African countries.

More information, Beatriz Suárez [] and Ana Gómez []

One Response to “¿Quiénes mejor que los africanos para contarnos su historia? Andalucía se llena de África!”

  1. jesus africa says:

    excelente forma de dar a conocer todo lo que el arte africano nos ofrece.

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"Exchange, talk, discuss and build together"

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