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Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau: the right to food


The natural subregion of Casamance in West Africa is made up of three countries-Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau- which are interdependent and share common geographical and ethnic characteristics. The sub-region is burdened by high levesl of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy, which especially affects women. This situation contrasts with a great potential of natural and productive resources.

However, the uneven distribution of factors of production, inputs and natural resources cause many difficulties and obstacles for the people in the subregion (especially women). These difficulties are further exacerbated by increasing pressures of climate change and competition from products linked to food security with the production of biofuels, timber and other crops not intended for food consumption.


We want to revive sustainable agricultural and livestock production and thus combat food shortages and the high dependence of households on the markets. We also want this production to be sold in local markets to allow the population to generate income.

We to develop an adequate management of the natural and energy resources for local populations to reduce their vulnerability caused by desertification, salinization of water sources, and erosion and scarcity of natural resources.

We want to help strengthen the public policy of planning and management of the territory for the sustainable and equitable sharing of the resources amongst communities. They must be able to communally manage resources in a more equitable manner.

We want to increase women´s access to and control of resources in the communities. The womens increased participation in decision making will foster their inclusion and allow them to act as agents of change.


In each country, Alliance for Solidarity works in partnership with the local civil society, governments and beneficiaries. Alliance for Solidarity´s involvement is critical to the current success and continuity of the actions in the future. In the subregion of Casamance we work with FODDE in Gambia and Guinea Bissau ADWAC with APRODEL.

Much of the work in this area counts on funding from Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) and other international organizations and agencies.


2 Responses to “Senegal, Gambia y Guinea Bissau: derecho a la alimentación”

  1. Marie Lucas says:

    Profesora de la facultad de Granada y conocedora del medio ambiente y svida social en casamance ( viajes desde 1999 y familia política in situ, me gustaria conocer las diversas acciones que allí se desarrollan en la actualidad y saber si puedo participar.
    Acaba de tener lugar en diciembre un importante coloquio sobre desarrollo y planificación de esta región en la universaid de Ziguinchor .
    Sincero saludo
    Marie Lucas

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