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Alliances between socially responsible companies
and NGOs are key to creating a better world

Companies that collaborate with Alianza por la Solidaridad

They're already allied... would you like to know how their experience with us has been?
Sonia Conde Ullán
Canal de Isabel II Gestión – Canal Voluntarios CANAL DE ISABEL II
Internal Communications Manager - Management Comm. Relationships and Inst

How can you collaborate with us?

Finance solidarity activities
Concrete actions like the construction of a well in Mozambique, promoting recycling in El Salvador, and generating income for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti or women in Senegal
Internal and External Campaigns
You can raise awareness among your clients or suppliers, associate your products with our causes, perform actions 2.0, and organize charity events and auctions
Corporate volunteering or pro bono service
Dozens of people have already worked in international cooperation projects in Africa and Latin America thanks to our corporate program
Share solidarity values with your team
With options like corporate or international volunteering, rounding off the payroll or providing pro bono services
Organize a party or event
Solidarity doesn't have to be boring. We can organize an exclusive even to motivate and involve your staff
Propose a collaboration formula
We will listen and try our best to turn your idea into reality

An open dialogue allows us to increase mutual understanding and improve collaboration

Alianza por la Solidaridad knows that there is the potential for both the companies and communities involved in our projects to benefit from a collaboration.

Why collaborate?

Alianza por la Solidaridad has a very clear idea: partnerships and alliances are the way to build a better world. We know that between companies and NGOs there are many things that unite us and this is a fantastic opportunity to generate a large positive impact.

We want to understand each other, find the causes and expectations we have in common and work together for them, always from a transparent and effective approach. We build partnerships from shared values with the objective of having a large impact, and we know that there are more and more companies who believe that a better world for all is a safer and more sustainable one.

Will you sign up to be an allied company?

What do you get in return?

The satisfaction of knowing that your company improves the lives of thousands of people by giving back to society and contributing to the creation of a more just world. In addition:

  • We announce the partnership through a press release
    (logo presence) and on social media networks.
  • Your logo and link will appear on our website
  • You will link your brand to a just cause
  • Allied Company accredited diploma
  • We give you the opportunity to visit the projects we collaborate on
  • Your employees and customers will be more identified with the company
  • The logo of your company will appear in our Annual Memorandum
  • Tu personal podrá participar en nuestras acciones de voluntariado corporativo
  • You will get financial benefits (law 49/2002)

Contact Us

Ana Alcalde

91 598 62 90,en
twitter: @AxSolidaridad
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