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Legacy of Solidarity

Imagina poder extender tu solidaridad a las próximas generaciones. Imagina contribuir a un mundo en el que cada vez más personas tengan condiciones de vida más justas. Un mundo en el que sea más factible acabar con el hambre y la pobreza y donde el desarrollo sostenible asegure los recursos para todos.

Imagine a world in which all human rights are respected, healthcare reaches every corner of the world, and people are treated equally regardless of where they live.

Imagine a world of healthy ecosystems, clean energy, and a predictable climate.

You can contribute to our vision and help us work towards this ideal future through your legacy of solidarity. To do this, you can include Alianza por la Solidardad in your will, without harming the rights of your heirs.

What can you accomplish if you offer a Legacy of Solidarity to Alianza por la Solidaridad?

  • 1.200 € can serve to generate salaries for 12 women entrepeneurs in Senegal
  • 3. 500 € can start a community garden to feed 240 children
  • 5.287 € to construct a fully equipped classroom for 60 children
  • 10.850 € to construct and equip a school cafeteria to feed 120 children
  • 22.690 € to facilitate access to water for 100 families (some 500 people)
  • 50.300 € to construct and equip a health center for 10.000 people
  • 102.500 € to construct a refuge for 40 families displaced by conflicts

Legacy of Almudena Cavestany

Almudena Cavestany contribuyó con su legado a mejorar la situación de miles de personas

Ángeles Y. is the executor of the will of Almudena Cavestany, an Alianza por la Solidaridad volunteer who left us:

"The Solidarity Legacy of Almudena Cavestany has allowed to project to the future its social consciousness in life. A professor and civil servant of Spanish cooperation, she knew Latin America well and considered it necessary to enhance education and women's rights in development cooperation programs. A member and volunteer of the NGO, she shared her principles, she had confidence in her work and so she left part of her inheritance for her projects for human rights and their development."

We are enormously grateful for this gesture. With his legacy, Almudena Cavestany has supported the 4 most important projects of the Organization in the field of women's rights in various countries of Latin America, Middle East and Africa, reaching over 38,000 people in a direct way. Do you want to know more?

Legacy of Aurelia Chinarro

Another women has made it so that, with her solidarity legacy, this organization can continue to develop our work throughout the world. Our member Aurelia Chinarro was connected to social movements her whole life and wanted to remember the Alianza when she made her will.

Legacy of Carmen Pérez Anchía

Our member Carmen Pérez Anchía also wanted to consider us in her inheriance and support this organization's projects in this way. From here our most sincere thanks.

You can ask for all the information you need at: o en el 91 598 62 90 ext.30.

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Your legacy will contribute to a better world for future generations

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