We call on the Minister of industry, trade and tourism, Kings Maroto, to take urgent measures to stop the Spanish companies of infringing human rights in developing countries

It is necessary that cases such as Sacyr in Mozambique not happen

La rehabilitación de una vida férrea por la empresa española SACYR en Mozambique, el octavo país más pobre del mundo, pone de manifiesto que la actividad de las empresas en países menos avanzados no siempre es positiva para el desarrollo.

SACYR resultó adjudicataria, por un importe de 177 millones de euros, de una obra en el país africano, que tenía como objetivo posibilitar el uso prioritario del transporte ferroviario para trasladar grandes cantidades de carbón desde una mina hasta el puerto de Nacala, en la costa, para su exportación.

After the completion of these works, an investigation of Alliance for solidarity notes that not only there is no benefits to the local population, but has serious negative impacts on safety, health and the livelihoods of about 50,000 people, who have been affected with the destruction of their homes, displacement, loss of land or with the deterioration of the connections among people, hindering their access to markets, schools or health centres. There is no information there was prior and informed consultation to those affected.

The "train of life", as it was known, now follows a toxic cloud of dust, due to coal, which has increased respiratory illnesses and withered crops, but also continuous abuses occur because there is more than four bridges to cross the roads in the 900-kilometer journey.



In addition, this work involving Sacyr has generated serious threats against social leaders who have opposed the abuses of the companies involved, coming to the end of the murder of political and social figures who denounced corruption.



To prevent the recurrence of cases such as the Sacyr, Alliance for solidarity launches a campaign in which requires the new Minister of trade, industry and tourism, Kings Maroto, that it put in place urgent measures guaranteeing that Spanish companies respect the human rights in their activities abroad, as it is collected in the National Plan of action of business and human rights.

Signature and send a mail directly to the new Minister so that it undertakes to comply with the mentioned plan if we are thousands will listen to us!

You can have all a summary information of the case in the Information Pack or the full case in the Dossier of the case.

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