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Personal data are information of a physical/legal entity that can identify it in some way, find it by any means or contact with her. For example, name, identity, the telephone or e-mail are personal data. The law requires those who use this type of data to take certain measures to protect them. In this policy we explain how the Solidarity Alliance protects and guarantees the safety of the personal data.


-Alliance does not sell, nor will be, in any case the data that we collect through our web site or in pages which we have reached agreements with third parties that we receive for participating in campaigns of awareness or those received by donors.
-Alliance not Exchange data with any organisation with or without profit.
-Alliance puts all media available at your fingertips so that the data we collect are safe (see Security).
-The main use of the data of those who provide them to us is to keep these people informed of the work of our Organization in defense of human rights, inviting them to "sign" via the internet by cases of violation of human rights to participate in actions of solidarity, to send invitations to download generated content Alliance, sale of products in the online shop of Alliance, invitations to participate as activist/has or to be associated, make a donation, leave a legacy or participate in solidarity (such as exhibitions, campaigns, etc.).


Alliance for solidarity - on Alliance - is, legally, a private foundation non-profit, independent of any political ideology, company or Government. To learn more about our goals, campaigns, internal organization, please visit our web site

Our headquarters is in Madrid, in the end, number 4, local, street zip code 28020. If you want to get in contact with us, apart from the traditional postal mail, you can also call us by phone (91 598 62 90), send us a fax (91 598 62 91) or email to message.

Alliance was formed with date 19/12/1986, is registered in the register of foundations of State competence by Ministerial order of 14/09/1987 with the number 28-0848. Registration entails the recognition of the general interest of its purposes. Our tax identification number is G-78426558.

If you want to exercise any of the rights as explained in this policy, contact us at:, and also, these are the contact details for our data protection officer: , if want to make or ask you directly any queries or complaints in relation to the use of your personal data. If you don't agree with this privacy statement, please do not leave us your data.

Alliance does not collect any personal information without the knowledge of its owner. If not authorizing us through the acceptance of the privacy policy, we will store, we will send you messages or will use your details for anything.

If you decide to communicate personal data, we understand that they are yours or that you have authorization to give us that information. We will consider it true and accurate.

When filled with your data forms ("cyberactions", participation, contracts and donation), keep the IP address (a number that identifies each computer that accesses the internet) from which the data refer. Why? We try to prevent fraud - for example, unauthorized use of a credit card. You will know what data we consider essential to carry out the action and which can leave blank or fill in according to your criteria.


The web domain "" is registered by Alliance. The management and the contents of this website are the responsibility of Alliance solidarity. Our website is an essential part of our work. Helps us to learn about our campaigns, issuing press releases, publish our reports, mobilize partners and the public in general, etc. You can access most of the pages without revealing your identity or any other
personal data. On the website there may be links to sites of other agencies that have their own privacy statement.

Our website and all its subdomains used cookies (pieces of information that are stored on the hard drive of the computer that visits a web page) to analyze the use that the users of the web site make. We collect statistical information about pages visited, number of visits, the "clicks" in the different sections, its frequency of use, etc. We do this because the information that we collect helps us to improve the sites and our actions more effective.
If you don't want to have any cookie on your computer, change the settings on your browser (usually the option is in the menu 'Tools-Options-Privacy').

Check the information that you provide below in respect of the following actions that you can perform with Alliance leaving us your data:

When filled with your data determined forms ("cyberactions") you will know what data we consider essential to carry out the action and which can leave blank or fill in according to your criteria.
If it is the first time that "firms" a CyberAction, you will send a message of thanks. In addition, you may use your data to keep you informed / by email on the status of requests or CyberAction in which you have participated in or signed. The legal basis that legitimizes this treatment is your consent to accept this policy, and the legitimate interest of Alliance solidarity in defense of human rights and cooperation to development. Your data will be retained indefinitely in our Organization until you tell us that you want to remove them.
In addition, by agreeing to receive more information on the Organization, we can put us contact you by any means postal, telephone, email, sms or equivalent to propose you to "sign" other cyberactions of similar or urgent cases, as well as other forms of participation (volunteering), support for the Organization (SMS sending solidarity, join us, make a donation, make a solidarity purchase), participate in events (demonstrations, concentrations) solidarity (exhibitions, meetings).

We can communicate some of your data to the Government, company, or target organism of the action and the judicial authorities provided that they meet the requirements established by law. Sometimes, this means that an institution for our criticism will contact you to offer their version. In the case of a campaign carried out jointly with the delegations of Alliance in other countries your data (name, last name, city and country) can be delivered with the sole purpose of achieving the stated objectives of the campaign.

When we let your data in signatures (cards) through Twitter or on our Facebook forms or in other forms located on third-party platforms that Alliance has signed an agreement, may use your details to send you further information and use your data for the purposes explained in the section on "cyberactions". The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of these data is your consent. In addition, you accept explicitly that may be an international transfer of your IP address to Google and Twitter servers located in the United States. In addition, only in the event that you arrive at our web site from an advertisement or a publication from our Facebook page aware explicitly in that an international transfer of your IP address can be made to the servers of
Facebook located in United States.

In the case of collaborating via SMS, to send a text (SMS) message to the number 28014 or 38014 with the specified Word will receive back a free message, thanking you for your participation and giving you the opportunity to continue working with Alliance for the Solidarity, as well as how to unsubscribe from that database. To send SMS to either of the two numbers (28014 or 38014) it is necessary to have active SMS Premium service. The message will cost (€ 1.20 or €6 respectively) going full for Alliance for solidarity and this is valid for Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and Euskaltel. The legal basis that legitimizes the treatment is the consent given by the user and therefore authorizes the Organization to use its data to be contacted and informed of the purposes for which we work. We will keep your information indefinitely unless you indicate that you want to remove them.

Subscribing to the electronic newsletter of the Alliance means that you will receive messages on the e-mail account and phone number that you provide. You can optionally communicate other non-essential data, but that help us understand generic characteristics of our collaborators. Remember that all messages you can change or cancel your subscription.

When you associate Alliance form to or we give a donation (through our website or associated platforms), we will use your information to manage your financial contributions, propose you to "sign "other cyberactions of similar or urgent cases, as well as other forms of participation (volunteering), support for the Organization (SMS sending solidarity, donate additions, increase your contribution, complete a joint purchase, leave a legacy /)" Heritage Alliance), participate in events (demonstrations, concentrations) solidarity (exhibitions), send you our quarterly magazine, the certificate of annual contributions so you can
deduct you it, invite you to attend the annual meeting of volunteers. You will indicate data that are required and which are optional. Each year we send to the tax administration information about your monetary contributions to
You can deduct you them. The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of your data is your consent.

We will keep your personal information for statistical purposes or at least indefinitely the time needed to meet the responsibilities arising from the treatment of your data, as for example, compliance with the anti-money laundering legislation capital.

If you request to volunteer as part of a group of Alliance as a person voluntarily, we will contact you to provide information about the possibilities of integration. We will also communicate your data to the head of the Group of volunteer nearest to your home and you will receive information from the Alliance campaigns. When you want to cancel your data, just ask us. The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of your data is your consent.


If you want information on how to include Alliance in your will, we will share your details confidentially with the firm of lawyers that manages these issues for our Organization.

In addition, we will use your data to send you general information of Alliance, news reports, as well as other forms of collaboration. The legal basis that legitimizes this treatment is your consent.
If you buy any product in our shop (, we will use your details to send you your order and your Bill. In addition, by agreeing to receive more information on the Organization, you can get in touch with you by any means postal, telephone, email, sms or equivalent to propose you to "sign" a CyberAction, as well as other forms of participation (volunteering), support for the Organization (SMS sending solidarity, join us, make a donation, make more purchases), participate in events (demonstrations, concentrations) solidarity (exhibitions). We will communicate your data to solidarity shop (Calle Ronda de Valencia nº2, 28000 Madrid, telephone (91.468.14.20) so that they act as you order.)
When we do get a curriculum vitae (CV) or send us a form to participate in a selection process, only use your data to organize this process, quote you for job interviews and assess your application. Also, you communicate that one year elapsed from receipt of your curriculum vitae or form we will proceed to their safe destruction. The legal basis is your consent, to send us your CV.


You have the right:

  • To know if we are dealing with your data or not.
  • To access your personal data.
  • To request the rectification of your data if they are inaccurate.
  • To request the deletion of your data if they are no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or if we withdraw the consent granted.
  • To request the limitation of the treatment of your data, in some cases, in which case we will retain only in accordance with the regulations.
  • To carry your data, which you will be provided in a structured, common use or machine readable format. If you prefer, we can send them to the new maintainer who designes us. It is only validoen certain cases.


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