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Irene-BN Irene Achacollo

Honesty, dignity and sincerity are the values I'll always keep

Magalí - BNMagalí Chávez

Gabriela MONTAÑO

Aymara, of the Department of Oruro, Bolivia, woman since she has been involved in the struggle of indigenous women by the vindication of their rights. He has held various positions in the National Confederation of native indigenous women Campesinas de Bolivia "Bartolina Sisa", where he is the General Secretary. In his career he has faced contempt and the continuous obstacles brought by their male colleagues. Feminist activist, lawyer expert in gender, has extensive experience of advising to the Bolivian Government in the formulation and adaptation of the regulations to ensure the rights of women. Emblematic cases of rape has led to women's human rights, ethical Tribunal of rights of women in the Andean region and the national court of the women by the economic, social and cultural rights of Bolivia. Member elect of the plurinational State of Bolivia, by the Department of Santa Cruz, 2015-2020 period, currently holds the functions of President of the Chamber of Deputies for the efforts, charge that he also held during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. In addition, it has come to occupy the Presidency of the plurinational State of interim way three times. In its university stage began to engage in political activity and since then has been to networks and organizations of women identified with the fight for their rights.

Lidia - BNLidia Tavares

The women of the periphery have voice and we will have heard everywhere

Isolda - bnIsolde Dantas

Parliament and Movement, articulated to build a just world for everyone and all

Coordinator of the women's movement of Heliopolis and Region. Operates in Heliopolis, the largest worldwide (290,000 inhabitants) favela, and adjacent to the southeast of São Paulo neighborhoods. Activist of the feminist movement, believes in training and collective development to reach the female empowerment. It is part of the Municipal Council of policies for women and the Municipal Council of health, in São Paulo, and holds a forum on women's rights, equality, and women in politics. Member of Parliament elected in the last elections held in Brazil, is a member of the address State of the workers party and President Directory of the party at the local level. Immersed in politics since the age of 13, from 2010 to 2014 participated in the Government of Lula and Dilma in the Ministry of agrarian development (MDA) in the construction and implementation of public policies for rural women, in Brasilia. In this period acted in the REAF / Mercosur - (meeting specialized family agriculture).
COLOMBIA United States

Clemency Carabali

We walked together for global peace building

Kate Albright-Hanna

Marie Clarke

"The time to strengthen the feminist movements organized internationally is now. Women's civic participation is a mechanism to smash patriarchy, but without strong social movements that see the connections between racism, homophobia, misogyny, militarism, neoliberalism and capitalism, can not exceed the reaction".

Advocate for the rights of the Afro-Colombian population since 1997. He accompanied the collective black community service pilot process initiated by the CNRR. It focuses on the defense of the rights of women, the Afro-Colombian population and its territories. Active participant in the implementation of peace agreements between the Government of Colombia and the FARC. He suffers constant threats to defend peace and the territory. Writer, Director galadornada (campaigns of Barack Obama and Zephyr Teachout) is a member of the Board of Directors for the Rural Organization that supports progressive activists in rural areas of the United States. Covered the erosion of civil liberties after the 11-S, the rise of the Netroots for Howard Dean's presidential campaign and civilian police shot unarmed to hiian of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Executive Director of ActionAid USA, where it joined in also Representative of the Civil society of the North in the Steering Committee of the global programme on Agriculture and food security (GAFSP), a mechanism of multilateral financing that has allocated more than $1 billion in investments agricultural AlsoHe is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fund Pax Christi for peace, an organization that promotes peace and reconciliation, freedom and respect for human rights.

Ana Rutilia . BNAna Zara Ical

Sandra - BNSandra Moran

Tall rights for all people"

Verónica - BNVeronica Galvez
Lawyer and titular Professor at the Rafael Landivar University, Campus San Pedro Claver, S. j.. The Verapaz, San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz, operates in the defence and transmission of indigenous language and cultural values, as well as the rights of women, children and indigenous peoples. It is driving force behind numerous initiatives to enable the political and social participation of women. Currently part of Association Policy Advisory Council of Mayan women - MOLOJ. Diputada en el Congreso de la República de Guatemala por el partido Convergencia. Focaliza su trabajo en proponer iniciativas de ley para resolver las problemáticas de las mujeres, niñas, adolescentes y jóvenes, personas con discapacidad, migrantes y la Comunidad LGTBI. Ha participado en distintos procesos políticos entre los que destaca la propuesta al diálogo por la paz en su país, desde mediados de la década de los noventa. En la actualidad es la regidora de la Municipalidad Provincial de Puno, en Perú, desde donde ha impulsado numerosas ordenanzas a nivel municipal y regional sobre igualdad, como las dirigidas al “Desarrollo de capacidades y fortalecimiento del liderazgo de las mujeres a nivel regional en sus capacidades físicas y ciudadanas” y a la “Prevención Sanción y Erradicación de la Violencia contra las Mujeres”. En septiembre de este año denunció 55 casos de acoso político a mujeres autoridades.

Roser Manzanera

Louisiane NazaireMano a mano, resistimos pie a pie

Profesora en el Dpto. de Sociología e investigadora del Instituto Universitario de Estudios de las Mujeres y de Género, de la Universidad de Granada. Investiga en género, economía, desarrollo, globalización y África Subsahariana, donde participó en un proyecto de diagnóstico de género y desarrollo, con el fin de trazar líneas estratégicas para la cooperación española. Lideró la investigación de diagnóstico sobre Fortalecimiento de los servicios de salud sexual y reproductiva en el distrito de Koinadugu (Sierra Leona) desde una perspectiva de género. Involved in politics since 2006, his motivation has been to strengthen the territorial communities, particularly in Grand 'Anse, where in 1998 he founded the Federation of peasant organizations Konbit Peyizan Grand' Anse (KPGA/OFTAG). OFTAG is a branch of KPGA helping vulnerable girls and women to strengthen their political and economic rights. with his work, Nazaire seeks to raise awareness about violence against women and girls, provide them with legal assistance and support them with income-generating activities.

Ana Paula - BNAna Paula Ferreira

Everjoice - BNEverjoice J. Win Yolette - BNYolette Etienne
The area of women's rights coordinator at ActionAid Brazil, concentrates its work in promoting and contributing to the visibility of women farmers in the process of sustainable development in Brazil. He currently leads the creation of area women and politics whose objective is to reflect on the low participation of women in the Brazilian political scene, in addition to thinking in collective strategies to expand that participation. Director of ActionAid International programs and global participation, supervises the development of the program of the Federation of 45 countries. His professional career has focused on the defence of the rights of women, consolidating itself in ActionAid with the momentum of the feminist leadership as an option of transforming leadership, adopted by the Federation in its global strategy (action for Global Justice 2018-2028). Director of ActionAid in Haiti, has over 25 years experience in the field of international development, working with different actors, from grassroots to the civil society organizations, through the Government, non-governmental organizations and other actors International, as the Agency of the International Fund for agricultural development IFAD) UN.

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