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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
Cristina Millán


The publication University reflections on the right to food, water and sanitation and land within the framework of the Agenda 2030is developed by the headquarters of Alliance solidarity in the region of Valencia within the line of work in local development of the Organization and funding of the Directorate General for cooperation and solidarity of the Generalitat Valenciana and the support and participation of many people from different areas of Valencian society (universities and civil society).

The publication through a series of articles written by different people, is some environmental rights through a series of examples of southern studies related specifically themed included in the 2030 Agenda such as:

  • Challenges and priorities of universal access to sanitation in the 2030 calendar.
  • Situation of women regarding sanitation in the tea plantations in Assam, India.
  • Study of the management and governance of the water in the watershed of the Paquizhapa River, South of Ecuador.
  • The right to land and territory: study of the dispossession and land grabs in Colombia from the study of agricultural policies and movements and peasant struggles.
  • Right to food: example of school canteens in El Salvador.

The research is conceived as a space of encounter between agents of social transformation, mainly University and civil society, as well as a tool of awareness to publicize the objectives of sustainable development, as well as other realities and environmental problems in the Global South, a local-global perspective. This is why we have included different voices and opinions from both the University community and the associations of civil society; being especially noteworthy contributions from Valencian student community, with the contribution of its TFM or thesis, as well as those of the people of the South, which have participated as migrants from their countries of origin providing wealth and diversity with other debates, speeches and knowledge from the South.

You can download the publication here

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