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On January 12th 2010, the earth shook under the feet of millions of Haitians. The earthquake left 316,000 people dead, and an additional 1.5 million homeless. 7 years later, Haiti's population continues to be extremely vulnerable, especially after Hurricane Matthew further devastated the country in October of 2016.

Alianza por la Solidaridad has worked within Haiti to improve the life conditions of the Haitian people for the last 11 years. Throughout this time we have witnessed how natural disasters have severely damaged the poorest country on the American continent. It is because of this that the work Alianza does in Haiti is so important. In 2016 we gave humanitarian attention to 10,000 people affected by these catastrophes, helping to restore their ways of life and teaching them how to reduce risks in these types of humanitarian emergency situations in the future. We have also been working to reduce the risk of infectious diseases spreading, and improving the necessary infrastructure to effectively combat these natural disasters.

Nevertheless, the situation in Haiti continues to be dramatic. With tens of thousands of people who have lost everything, many houses unable to be reconstructed due to a lack of resources, and serious sanitation and food shortages, the people of Haiti are suffering.

Thousands of people await our response!

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  • SANTANDER: ES87-0049-0001-56-2010086860
  • CaixaBank: ES19-2100-3945-69-0200075407
  • BBVA: ES09-0182-2370-44-0208516859
  • TRIODOS: ES97-1491-0001-26-1008852822

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Send an SMS with the word ALLIANCE to 38014. You will donate 6 euros that will be used directly to aid intervention work done by Alianza por la Solidaridad in Haiti.

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