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Defense Week for safe and legal abortion

Víctor M. Linares @ Victormleiva

Semana por la defensa del aborto seguro y legal - Alianza por la Solidaridad

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In recent months we have witnessed a series of political actions which we have seen the rightrights of women have begun to BACK OFFer alarmingly. One of the major setbacks we have experienced was the approval of Royal Decree Law 16/2012. This health bill excluded one million illegal immigrants from the universal health, Despite that in the document itself stated that los servicios de embarazo, parto y posparto seguían siendo gratuitos. Sin embargo, el mes pasado, Castilla La Mancha estableció unas tasas para someterse a partos, aborto o cesáreas que oscilaban entre 1500 y 4000 euros.

El mes pasado, Gallardón declaró que abortion reform will come in October. Poco sabemos de ella, a excepción de algunos detalles que ha dejado entrever el Ministro en algunas de granted interviews. Lo que parece claro es que se planteará una reforma mucho más restrictiva incluso que la ley aprobada en 1985.

Y mientras tanto ¿Cuál es la situación del aborto en otros países? If we compare our impending abortion reform the law of most European Union countries, España quedaría a la cola ya que, a excepción de Irlanda y PoloniaThe law provides for rest periods that vary depending on the country, between 10 and 18 weeks. It bears noting that the breakthrough in Latin America is experiencing this. Uruguay is a good example where, since the abortion law was passed a year ago there have been no deaths from unsafe abortion. Also, the Consensus adopted at the First Regional Conference on Population and Development in Nairobi confirmed the commitment of the countries of Latin America and Caribbean for access to legal abortion services, safe and free.

The safe and legal abortion and the right to decide is an unstoppable reality that no government can ignore. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in the events planned for the coming days to defend life and liberty of women.

These are the important events of the next few days you have to target in your diary:

Saturday, 21 September. Sol Feminisms presented the dossier on the right to abortion. 19h in the Puerta del Sol You can also download in PDF format. And you can help spread the act through event on Facebook

Saturday 26 September. Introduction report on the use of emergency contraception pill at European level.

Friday, 27 September. Manifestation Sol Plaza San Bernardo. 19h in the Glorieta de San Bernardo.

Saturday 28 September. Concentration 'Keep abortion legal' at 11am at the Red de San Luis (Gran Vía with Montera). Reading texts in favor of legal abortion, campaign 'design to the UN' record '9 seconds for a Legal, Safe and Free Abortion' and performance 'Red Carpet': the following activities.

# Sept28 #28SAbortoLegal hashtags are elected to follow all the action via Twitter. The accounts from which you informed can keep you s are: @ Dia28septiembre / @ Decidirlibres / @ Tuvozcuenta well as through the rest of the accounts of the participating entities. Therefore, from @AxSolidaridad I also tell you all what.

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